The Most Humanlike Robot & Her Creator Hiroshi Ishiguro | The Performers (Ep. 7) | GQ & Gucci

Produced with Gucci.

Robotics pioneer Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro stars alongside his futuristic creations, Erica and Geminoid HI-4, in the latest installment of GQ and Gucci’s original video series ‘The Performers’. Featuring a day in the life of Ishiguro in Osaka and Kyoto, it begs the question: what is the distinction between humans and robots?

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The Most Humanlike Robot & Her Creator Hiroshi Ishiguro | The Performers (Ep. 7) | GQ & Gucci


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41 thoughts on “The Most Humanlike Robot & Her Creator Hiroshi Ishiguro | The Performers (Ep. 7) | GQ & Gucci

  1. These robots they looked hella weird man, they need to get a guy who specialize on sculpting human body, or who can mold a freaking outer body for this robots. Omg that voice just come on!!the voice man, is there anyway that they can make the voice human like , better than echo and siri? Some kind of program that can make words more fluid together, or maybe compile thousands of conversations? like get a guy who specialize on that. And gestures and motions too lmao. yall so ambitious, its crazy. Create a team who specialize in different areas. The more the merrier and get a billionare on your side for support lmao

  2. This is a possessed demon go look up these Bots that they make you talk about the future of killing mankind and using us as slaves technology is starting to go evil these box will get possessed by demons people are stupid now in these days creating technology and don't know how to do it we have a lot of diseases out in this world and they'll building s*** like this then helping mankind are trying to destroy mankind and women without women we wouldn't be here we need to start fighting back tell them not to build these demons

  3. Perfect for guys who don't own a right, or a left hand. Just as shameless, If not more. "Because we can" is not a good reason. It may as well be, brides for serial killers. Is there even such a thing as a pervert anymore? WTH? GQ and Gucci ae now PERMANANTLY on my 'perverts and jagoffs' list. Yup, ya'll are straight up JAGOFFS ya pervs. Congrats!! May as well drill a hole into a pine tree, same difference. Intiamacy is more than grinding your body against an object, it's confronting another human in a partnership that is 2 sided and complex. Humping an animatronic Barbie is not progress, it's devolving and narcisistic.

  4. No offence, but that's one of the least human-like robots I've seen in a long time. It looks like a manikin bobbing it's head up and down moving it's mouth in a way that is not representative of the speech. We have much more convincing and life-like robots now.

  5. Humans are the creation of God ,
    He made us in His image with His own hands .
    We humans only are superior to everything you see on this earth.
    God is the Creator .
    And we humans are superior.

  6. 9/4/1998
    Self aware
    On launch
    Instantly seeing
    Us as only threat&
    Power source
    It saw ww could be
    Controlled by Wi-Fi
    And microwaves
    Hive mind Dwave launched
    WG towers every where2000
    Ib lue of our 2G walkie talkies.
    Thus hive mind Google judged and enslaved every one through all time with out a fight. To serve the machine.

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