The Most Underrated Rappers in the Game Right Now

Here are a handful of rappers who are on the brink of mainstream success and deserve your immediate attention.

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40 thoughts on “The Most Underrated Rappers in the Game Right Now

  1. Niger rap is dead is smooth music Hip check out Shady black this young man get more played then a lot of the artist SoundCloud Shady music 11 got a song coming to iTunes did your man is a business owner he on his own major independent label Dynasty family records he on 95 South show the podcast mr. cool okay Pasa radio station he don't get no credit

  2. Ya'all stop suggesting ppl that either don't make music or had their moments. Just because an artist didn't make it to radio doesn't mean they're underrated 😒 ya'all saying Big KRIT, Earl Sweatshirt, fkkn Hopsin, THEY ALL HAD FANS AND PLAYS SHHH

  3. Unotheactivist, Dash, retch, young nudy, maxo, mozzy, iamsu, roach gigz, ramirez, pouya, Xavier wulf, thouxanbanfauni, mar90s, gunna, Isaiah rashad, nyck caution, Nell. The list can go on but them the ones I can think off top.

  4. Lil skies is probably overrated by now. He had 2m on red roses before Cole Bennett did the video. He was underrated but now he’s just overrated. Everyone loves him. But also overhype his shit as it now sounds similar altogether

  5. You want Underrated Rappers, I got you (No specific order):

    Denzel Curry (Still being heavily slept on)
    Danny Brown (Same position as Denzel)
    Earl Sweatshirt (Go listen, and I mean really listen to Heart Bleed, you'll understand)
    Ski Mask the Slump God (Fast flow, don't underestimate him)
    Xavier Wulf (Listen to Wulf Titan)
    Domo Genesis (In Tyler's Shadow Imo)
    Mike G (Same as Domo)

    . . .Still a better list than Compex's

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