The Real Reasons Students Walked Out of School to Protest Gun Violence

High school students all over America rallied together for gun control reform, igniting a movement called #NationalWalkoutDay.

The movement is inspired by the brave survivors of the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, thousands of teenagers across time zones walked out of their classrooms at 10 a.m. Organizers intended a 17-minute protest— one minute for each victim who was killed in the mass shooting on February 14

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36 thoughts on “The Real Reasons Students Walked Out of School to Protest Gun Violence

  1. Ok, come on, most of you just walked out to skip school. We already have background checks before you get your license for a gun. Several members in my family including one working in the police force had to have a background check and didn’t get results back for a month+. I bet the number of kids participating in these school walkouts would easily be cut in half if the students were to plan this on their own time and not during school…to me it’d be better if this was planned on their own time. Some kids that don’t participate have been injured. There was a boy that didn’t want to get political so he stayed inside during a walkout…a mob of kids broke his arm in four places and there have been many other incidences like it. And guess what? Nothing happened to any of the kids in the mob, they got away with it Scott free. Way to get your message through, guys. And gun control? Honey we already have plenty of laws on guns. If more law abiding citizens were to have guns, I think that crime rates would go down. But guess what—I know this sounds crazy—but murder will still occur no matter what you do—and something even crazier—murder is illegal. And lastly, I want my family to be protected, and I want others to protect their families too. Guns are weapons, yes. They can kill people, yes. But what happens when someone is attacking or threatening your family, maybe lurking on your property? You go to grab your gun, TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, but wait, confused children took away your rights to a gun so I guess you’re just shit outa luck.

  2. Guess what the media that gathers how many school shootings have actually happened is not correct! They count is security guard discharging his weapon in a glove compartment, they count a drunk and guy in Texas sitting at the top of a school college mind you shooting a gun off in the air at night, they account a window being hit by a stray bullet at a college campus so they're actually hasn't been 18 Mass school shootings in 2018! And to let all you guys know assault rifles are already banned you must be a class 3 civilian in order to own an assault rifle AR does not stand for assault rifle an AR-15 or an AK-47 are not assault rifles! I know it all you guys are going through is extremely trying and bothersome when I went to school we had to worry about the Russia Cold War where the nuclear bombs are going to rain down on us all the time, I wish I had the answers to give you guys but I don't. All I can tell you is that criminals or people that are going to commit heinous acts are going to do it illegally. Look at the opiate crisis in this country it's illegal but yet it's a crisis beyond belief 60000 people died last year the same amount of Americans were killed in the Vietnam War died in one year! There's 300 gun laws on the books strengthening them to some point is a good idea but please think of all the veterans that are fought and died for your rights in this country and the tens of millions of them that have been wounded fighting for your rights don't punish good people for the acts of a couple really bad bad people and you can look up the 18 school shootings and it's not true, the way that company collects information is as anytime a gun goes off on or near school grounds during school or after is classified as a school shooting so it's misleading information just make sure you guys know what an assault weapon is and make sure that you understand that once you give up a right you probably will never get it back and the founding fathers of this country. Fought the largest army in the world and Navy with a ragtag band of Misfits and one and is the reason you have the freedoms you have today! I know everybody wants to point it something easy and say up it's the guns but it's a lot of things all mixed in together and whatever laws get passed criminals are not going to follow them so just remember that. I wish you all the best I hope you can get by all this and understand guns in the hands of good people is okay and believe it or not even though your TV doesn't tell you everyday guns save lives! Look up guns live saved FBI statistics 2015 I believe it was about roughly 2200 lives add a saved by guns foiled robberies carjackings hold UPS! I truly wish you all the best guys and really educate yourselves don't run on Raw emotion because if you let your emotions run you sometimes we got carried away I'm sure it's happened to me many times in my past but this is a very serious thing we're discussing and needs to really be treated with respect.

  3. Tide pod eaters brainwashed by progressive liberal public schools!…………..Behind each and every one of these kids is a LOUSY PARENT!…………They are in fact likely from a broken home with a soccermom that is never home…………..So these kids wind up being raised by online left coast liberals via the phone guilty mommy provides……………LOUSY PARENTS CREATE LOUSY KIDS

  4. As a freshman in a California high school, my solution is to take note of the high schools from the 50s and 60s. Gun clubs and shooting ranges, and still no one shot each other up. Kids even brought their own rifles to school for these reasons. I mentioned in an essay that mass shootings (including school ones) are at the rise in USA in 2015, but there was little to no shootings in the 50s and 60s. The high school that I go to is an intellectual high school, but now I see it as just mainly intellectual in science and math… and CAD.

  5. "No background checks" God these kids are dumb. These kids can't even state the laws of the gun control we have now. Thoughts and prayers don't save lives. Laws don't either criminals break them all the time. They don't have a solution

  6. School bullying creates violence in schools
    .bullying has only gotten worse with social media forcing even more to join in else they be shined also.. schools aren't doing anything about it except giving free passes to the smart kids that are doing it..antisocial behavior is created by bullying that is constantly ignored by the faculty in charge to as to protect the $ comming in for their raises.

  7. I don't listen to children for policy. Perhaps if you were a little nicer and less of a bully to weaker children, there wouldn't be as many shootings. High school was one of the cruelest places I've ever attended. Useful idiots. Political pawns.

  8. If you can’t have guns how are people going to protect themselves. Also illegal immigrants could come to America with guns and start shooting. Also when the democrats say no wall they are denying a way to stop gun violence so if you have to lie just make it simple.

  9. Why do you have to be 21 in the USA to get a hotel room? Why do you have to be 21 to get into the club? Why do you have to be 25 to rent a car? And yet you can purchase a gun at 18? Just makes me sad

  10. The real problem are the students (bullies) that push other students(victims) to shoot up schools. That’s where schools should protest ……on them themselves. Not gun control.

  11. The fact that you people give a shit about the victims is not a noble thing. People aren't born evil tye why they are treated as a child determines their psychological health as a teenager and adult.

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