The Rock Is Unsure If He’ll Be In the Next ‘Fast & Furious’

Dwayne Johnson’s press tour for his forthcoming film Rampage resulted in an in-depth interview with Rolling Stone, where he revealed that he’s “not quite sure” if he’ll be returning to the Fast and Furious franchise for its ninth installment.

The hesitation apparently stems from his beef with co-star and actor Vin Diesel. The drama went down while the two were on set filming The Fate of the Furious back in 2016. Johnson slammed Diesel in an Instagram post their last week of filming, cryptically criticizing those who can’t “conduct themselves as stand-up men and true professionals” and were “too chickenshit to do anything about it…Candyasses.”

After the film was released, Rolling Stone notes that some scenes featuring the two appeared to be filmed separately. “That is correct,” Johnson confirms with the magazine. “We were not in any scenes together.”

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47 thoughts on “The Rock Is Unsure If He’ll Be In the Next ‘Fast & Furious’

  1. We didn’t really need him in the series anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️. He’s a great actor and all but, he didn’t fit the fast Franchise and just changed the concept instead of improving it.

  2. i lost respect for the rock after an interview he was in with the rest of the f&f cast right after paul walkers death. everyone was real emotional about paul's passing and didnt want to really talk about it while the rock ran his mouth and pretended like he cared. vin and cry baby ty know the truth.

  3. The Fast And Furious films are similar to the Grand Theft Auto games. It began as one thing and eventually became so popular that it has evolved and been transformed into something else. Which is fine, people will go to see the movies regardless.

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