The Weeknd Scrapped an ‘Upbeat and Beautiful’ Album Prior to ‘My Dear Melancholy’

Though the Weeknd isn’t interested in opening the “Pandora’s box” of relationship talk, he’s fine letting the world know there’s a completely finished album in the bag that will never be released.
In a new interview with Time, the Weeknd was “cagey” with writer Kara Brown about the specific life events (i.e. Selena Gomez speculation) that informed this year’s My Dear Melancholy project.

Before Melancholy, however, the Weeknd had wrapped work on a more upbeat album that he later scrapped for the sake of authenticity. “Prior to Melancholy, I had a whole album written, done,” he said. “Which wasn’t melancholy at all because it was a different time in my life . . . It was very upbeat—it was beautiful.”

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20 thoughts on “The Weeknd Scrapped an ‘Upbeat and Beautiful’ Album Prior to ‘My Dear Melancholy’

  1. I would not normally the first to do this because I feel like people hate this or find it annoying but im just trying to get my music out there and become a great artist hopefully one of the best some day so to those who do not mind me doing this, I made a new song and just dropped it I wanted to know if you could pin this comment if you fuck with the song that I made called "DFY"?

  2. He might be back with Bella but they said he been calling Sel up at all times wanting her back. So maybe he will feel up beat and beautiful again and show it to us. Although melancholy was epic..

  3. At first I was throwing out my opinion like I know them and was there for their drama…now Im just jamming to the music like I'm even heartbroken.

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