There’s About to Be a ‘Bad Boys’ Spin Off Show With Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba

Gabrielle Union is returning to the Bad Boys universe alongside franchise newcomer Jessica Alba, in a TV show called L.A.’s Finest. The spin-off will track Union’s Syd Burnett and her new partner Nancy McKenna (Alba) as they take down drug cartels in Los Angeles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Canada’s Bell Media is responsible for greenlighting the series after purchasing it from Sony Pictures Television at a Los Angeles screening. The series kicks off with Burnett, Martin Lawrence’s character’s sister, transition from the Miami Police Department to the LAPD, at which point she’s assigned a new partner—Alba’s McKenna.

Eventually, Burnett’s wild lifestyle and career-driven personality will clash with McKenna’s more reserved, working mother persona, and both will have to learn to deal with each other while fighting crime in the City of Angels.

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34 thoughts on “There’s About to Be a ‘Bad Boys’ Spin Off Show With Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba

  1. They are calling it LA's Finest not Bad Girls hahahahaha how are people suppose to know it's related I guess they don't care, let it at least be Bad Girls: LA's Finest you dumb Hollywood dummies. This show better have big pass over type Michael Bay shots, slow mo, tons of guns, car chases, fights, mid action humor, violence and an angry station chief including an orange or yellow color tone shot theme and an opening sequence that has a plane passing over the LAX or Hollywood sign. If this is just a run of the mill cable soft copy drama with no recognizable connection to Bad Boys, I'mma be pissed.

  2. but does it really have to use a wordplay that directly implies the focus of the movie is the characters' sex appeal as opposed to being badass like the men.

    episode 7 thousand of "girls can be badass too – badASS amirite fellas"

  3. Fuuuuuuucccck noooooo, Did Michel bay sign off on this??? Gtfo how they gone be bad boys but they girls… That's crazy, nobody like Gabriel union like that either….

  4. Yo if they ever try to do a female spin off any more hood classics it's over that includes BoyzNDaHood, Menace to society, Friday, Aladdin, Tarzan, LIFE, John Q, and the list goes on stop changing His-story and come up with some whole new shit for her-story me n my daughter loved watching X-men til you Hollywood femenist Fucks killed wolverine to make a little girl version of him

  5. Great now they're going to have these stankin ass feminist bitches thinking they can go out and do what men do. Fake fake fake! Make your own shit. I don't want to see a remake of bad boys played by bitches! I don't care if they're fine or not. This is would be worse than "Queen of the south" lol.

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