Think You Know How All Juries Work? Think Again | Truth Be Told With DeRay Mckesson | GQ

In some parts of America, you can be sent to jail even when a jury doesn’t reach a unanimous verdict. DeRay Mckesson examines the racist roots of a flawed system—and what can be done to fix it.

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Think You Know How All Juries Work? Think Again | Truth Be Told With DeRay Mckesson | GQ


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22 thoughts on “Think You Know How All Juries Work? Think Again | Truth Be Told With DeRay Mckesson | GQ

  1. Help help help help help help black lives matter black lives matter I need adult followers church members congregation members Satan worshipers to call State Farms insurance company and Diane Castillo White County Commissioners wife tell them Supreme Court ruling 12 white people cannot sit on the jury judge in a black man that is bias and unconstitutional

  2. 12 white people found Diane Castillo White County Commissioners wife paid $2,500 to my secretary sitting next to me Nathaniel cross Timothy Forman sitting behind me. I need to get paid 6 years ago discrimination discrimination dear State Farms insurance company Michael L tipsord State Farms Minister get paid discrimination discrimination

  3. This is really really dumb. "Two people voted not guilty, but in the end, they had no say in the matter"… yeah, because that's how voting works. This may have been started by racists but that does not mean it's racist. Most things that were invented prior to like 1970 were invented by racists, does that make them racist? Most states believe that 12/12 people saying he's guilty is enough, two others say 10/12 is enough. It's a bit different but it's not racist or ridiculous it's just another approach to convictions, in most countries only 1 dude makes the decisions (a judge).

  4. Ever since Buzzfeed pointed out the numerous white males on GQ’s covers, GQ has used black dudes for like 75% of their web content, articles and videos. We got it GQ, you’re not racist. Yes, GQ, you’re very diverse. Very good. It’s a bit obvious. We got it.

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