20 thoughts on “This Video Makes No Sense…

  1. This makes complete sense so basically what he was saying was he was walking the dog and then his fish tank broke so he tried to feed the dog when he got back but the cat ran up the stairs so you can feed the dog the cat so then he tried to watch TV but the remote was gone so he couldn't go to McDonald's cuz the remote was gone so his mom was like you should go to college and then he like I can't go to college because I cut the grass yet it all makes sense

  2. “Have y’all ever realized that penguins don’t speak Chinese? I swear to- when I was walking my dog, n*gga the fish tank broke I was like man what the fuck, how am I gon feed the dog, when the cat just ran up the stairs? Hahaha what? that’s why my remote goin right now, shit, muhfucker ain’t even go to McDonald’s. Muhfuckers was tweakin’, talking bout goin to college, man! You can’t go to college muhfucker the grass ain’t even cut. “

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