32 thoughts on “Thoughts on the yard #HaHaDavis

  1. I don't think y'all understand what is happening here in the video. Those are three 45 pound plates on each side… on each side people. 45+45+45+45+45+45.
    Do the math of this inside your brain for A moment.
    Please people, don't forget to add in that the bar alone weighs 45 to 50 pounds…
    Let that sink in.
    He needed to be there in prison. His peace, his humility, it is in the yard. Being on the outside/free-world would annoy/anger him.
    He's just throwing the weight of two muscle-bound grown men into the air effortlessly.
    It's as if he listens to
    Max biggavelis- all my life everyday on repeat.
    He's A damned mutant.

  2. "Big fella, you came on this yard! Come holla at Benard! I'M ROCK HARD!!!"

    I love how there's just some random guy sexually harassing him in the background for no reason. 🀣🀣🀣

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