Thousands Showed Up at the Families Belong Together March in LA to Protest Trump’s Immigration Laws

Complex News hit up the Families Belong Together March in LA to hear from some of the voices paving the way to protest Donald Trump’s zero tolerance Immigration laws.

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45 thoughts on “Thousands Showed Up at the Families Belong Together March in LA to Protest Trump’s Immigration Laws

  1. ICE isn’t going to be removed! You people are stupid! Wake the hell up they are literally invading the United States! You stupid people really want to give all you have to these uneducated illegal aliens? Where the hell is the compassion for the poor homeless Americans and Vets that served in the military? You freaks disgust me!

  2. How can we worry about these illegals coming over here when we have homeless veterans that we seem to ignore how can you overlook the people that fought for this country and give their benefits to people that don't even belong here so for them and their kids need to take their ass right back across the border

  3. Mexicans been in the US way before any of these trump supporters. Borders help white supremacist cope with their superiority complex and make them believe the US belongs to them. Reality check, Europe is across a whole ocean and Mexico is separated by a border made by illegal whites as a result of westward expansion. It’s so fucking ironic how these stupid fucks will try to preach border security yet they have no more rights to be in the US than these “illegals” they hate so much. Deportation and separation of families is institutionalized racism.

  4. They aren't even helping the tons and tons of homeless here but YET THEY ARE WORRIED ABOUT IMMIGRANTS. SMDH. I am tired of more and more homeless people asking me for money. It's actually doubling now.

  5. Maybe "thousands" all across America, but even Chicago had less than 200 protestors. LA, maybe 1,000. So, just stop it. Plus, the media has begun asking if "protestors" got paid – it's already established the organizers have been paid by the Dems and Soros.

    Where were these idiots when Obama separated immigrant children. This is just another anti-Trump protest. Keep it up, your dishonesty is guaranteeing Trump victories in 2018 and 2020. When you grow up, you'll realize that America enforces laws – illegal is illegal. You have to change the laws and crying in the streets doesn't do that. Thinking does.

    Protests (complaining) doesn't change anything and hasn't since the 60s. People who care don't march around crying and shouting, they contribute positively to the conversation.

  6. Families belong together so long as they follow the legal rules to come into this country….otherwise…fuck em…if theyre to lazy to follow the rules then they dont deserve to be here in gods greatest country

  7. Children in cages was back in 2014. Complex if you are doing news please tell the truth. I hope the republicans win the 2018 midterms elections. I also hope Trump wins in 2020. The left keeps on pushing more American's away with crap like this.

  8. When you have people that can care less about the value system of the United States and manipulate and Turner are values into something that justify wrongdoing it's immoral and this is why we need to stop accepting any and everybody from around the world in our country and especially when you break the law just like every American know when you break the law you have to pay the consequences

  9. Black families have it is being separated no one cares about that so who cares about this I hope president Donald Trump do the right thing by enforcing the laws of the United States of America

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