TIDAL Responds to Claim Company Is Faking Beyoncé & Kanye Numbers

You may have seen some reports on Twitter this week about TIDAL being accused of “deliberately faking” millions of streams for top-tier artists like Beyoncé and Kanye West. The report, which originated from Norwegian outlet Dagens Næringsliv, claimed the Jay Z-backed streaming service had “manipulated” streaming numbers to generate higher royalty payouts for Yeezy and Bey “at the expense of other artists.” However, in a statement to Complex on Wednesday, TIDAL called the claims “ridiculous” and characterized them as part of a larger anti-TIDAL smear campaign from the publication.

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26 thoughts on “TIDAL Responds to Claim Company Is Faking Beyoncé & Kanye Numbers

  1. Idk bout this but I know that my sister streams Lemonade on Mom's Tidal sub non-stop! Like seriously non stop. The Beyhive is big AF they will not let days pass without hearing the released album. Pretty sure they didn't wait that long just for other services to have it

  2. This is now a criminal case, so there's a good chance Jay-Z and the rest of his band of thieving bastards will have to come up with some creative excuses for why they will never tour in Europe again….


    (*sound of handcuffs jingling in the air)

  3. the claims by Dagens Næringsliv (the norwegian publication) was backed by a report made by Norwegian University of Science and Technology. which came to the same conclusion they did. unless they think that the university was like "let's put our professional integrity as one of norway's best schools on the line to lie about a huge company" then i don't get their claims. tidal were caught whit their hand in the cookie jar and their dick in their sister. that's it

  4. The numbers are completely unrealistic and there seems to be truth to manipulation of the number of hours streamed in a day. Really thousands played the album for over 8 hrs a day for more than one week? I don’t think so!

  5. Dagens Næringsliv is a very credible outlet, and the investigation was done independently by data analysts at NTNU (a university in Trondheim). They have no motive for faking anything. Looking at the evidence it is very clear what's been happening here.

  6. You cant use the rasism argument each time someone colored does something wrong. Then it can be used to get away with everything. They claim ALL tidal users streamed "lemonade" album 8 times each day. Anybody who reads the article or see the documentary will see that this could be the biggest fraud in the history of music. They are actually stealing from other artists as well. Its insane!

  7. Well, this can go a few ways. The first way is that Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Kanye West are all master media manipulators. This could all very well be a publicity stunt. Look at Kanye. He's basically flooded the media w/ foolishness and guess what…? It worked, as it always does. It's worked. He jumps out of the window and the media consumes every bit of it. Kanye's also preparing for a new album. This is a trend w/ all of them. You never hear from these unions 3 to 4 months before it's time to release a project. They don't wanna be bothered, but when it's time to release new music, books or go out on tour, they always manage to curiously come back w/ drama. Why do they always come back w/ drama? They've been doing this for years and nobody sees it. What the general public also doesn't know is that they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be in the machine. There's a reason why those unions ride the machine for months on end. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Most top tier artists manipulate numbers and or buy they own records. Not too long ago, 50 Cent stated that Rick Ross buys his own records. It's not far-fetched because he has the money to do so. Remember when Beyoncé's self-titled album came out at the bottom end of 2013? Remember how it curiously sold hella copies when people don't even buy music all like that anymore? Remember how Drunk in Love and Partition curiously played 50 times a day for a year and some change skraight? There's a reason behind that. The call-out for those records weren't that huge because they never even went to #1 on Billboard. She paid the media a pretty penny in order to keep herself in heavy rotation. This is the side of her that rubs me the wrong way. Independent artists are out here knockin' on wood just tryna catch a break and it probably won't happen. In order to be on radio all day long, you'll need to be on a major label and or find a way to cough up $250,000+ to pay radio. Who has that kinda money? Beyoncé. Remember when Remy Ma first clowned Nicki and when Nicki finally decided to come back w/ new records, they curiously ended up going to #1 before the fans even heard them? The name of those records escapes me, but they were #1 on iTunes before the fans even heard them. Don't the fans have to request them before they hit that #1 slot? Now, don't get me wrong, these artists do have enormous fan bases, but certain things just don't add up. This is why I try not to follow the charts anymore. I know that numbers can be rigged and basically manipulated. Jay-Z and Beyoncé went through a period where they were wiping out all of they competition. It's no coincidence that all of they competition curiously fell off during the same time. As soon as Beyoncé comes around, all female competition flops, gets dropped from they labels and or dies. Jay-Z is bold w/ his. Anything he doesn't like, it's gettin' the boot. LL Cool J, DMX and several other brothas will all tell you the same thing. Beyoncé's music sucks and she's the only one who can sell records. These kids ain't boppin' to Jay-Z all like that, but he manages to sell hella records in this generation of pirating. Nobody finds that interesting, but me.

  8. I wish Tidal would show how many times a song has been played by you and others….and show the album artwork not just the cover…if im renting the music monthly at least make me feel like i own it…

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