Tiger King’s Joe Exotic vs Carole Baskin: Who Wins After Everything We’ve Learned So Far

After a new episode of Tiger King came out on Netflix this weekend and TMZ aired an investigation special, there’s still a lot of crazy info coming out of this saga. Rest assured, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin are still mortal enemies, nothing’s gonna change that. This is everything we learned about where all these nutty characters stand after the docu-series took the quarantined world for a wild trip.

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42 thoughts on “Tiger King’s Joe Exotic vs Carole Baskin: Who Wins After Everything We’ve Learned So Far

  1. Can't believe people are interested in these animal abusers and low life people. They make me sick to watch and hope he serves his whole time, because he killed 5 beautiful animals that we know of and should be punished.

  2. Joe would've been just fine if his dumb ass would've left Carole alone. His ego took things too far. What i'm actually interested in is that producer saying joe was scared of tigers.

  3. I’m team Carole. No one in their right mind would feed their spouse to their cats. The cats wouldn’t eat all the bones and there would be evidence in their cages. If it was a pig farmer then I would be suspicious.

  4. I agreed to take a lie detector test because I was innocent and the fucking result was I failed and lied because I was simply nervous. The technician explained nervous equals guilt. What person wouldn’t be nervous taking a lie detector in a police station??? Some bullsh!t.

  5. She killed her husband i dont care, all the Excuses shes made after the Docu series are all bullshit. she had Zero emotions when talking about him out of all the interviews shes done new and old. She always has an alibi and a reason for everything too its just too convenient

  6. It's a good documentary but I don't think Joe so should have had 22 years in jail maybe 3 years due to what happened to some of the animals and that's about it I think it's wrong that Carol basket has a lot of evidence on regarding what happened to her ex-husband being murdered I feel like the FBI who is Mr Chad is conflict of interest his wife was funding money to Carol the big cats it's I feel like Kenny far had a lot of dealings with removing don in that commercial meat grinder and I believe that Carol paid him off by giving him a few land and a car and a bit of money I believe that James set up gel thinking he was doing Jeff a favour thinking they were going to do business together but Jeff used him and it's wrong that Jeff is being filmed on National TV purging himself regarding setting up Joe what is the FBI doing and why has this happened.

  7. Whether he was set up or not, Joe did do a lot of awful shit to animals. You can't just win a popularity contest and be let off the hook, he needs to redeem himself. Carol's reputation isn't spotless either, but she's not doing what Joe was doing. Ultimately all I care about is who was actually helping these animals.

  8. Literally nobody is a winner. Fucks Zoos. Fuck Carole. Let these animals live in the wild. I forgot the girls name but one of the old workers in at Joes Zoo said everyone fighting each other and the tigers are paying the price.

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