Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Is Reportedly Looking to Break Her NDA

Just as Tiger Woods seemed to be mounting a formidable comeback in the golf world, it looks like his off-the-course mischief is rearing its ugly head once again. According to TMZ Sports, Woods and his ex-girlfriend Kristin Smith are currently in a heated legal battle regarding a non-disclosure agreement Woods made Smith sign after their 2017 break-up.

Now, Smith wants out of the agreement, and it’s not exactly the most straightforward process. Woods and Smith dated from 2015 to 2017 and are currently in arbitration centered around the NDA as mentioned earlier.

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32 thoughts on “Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Is Reportedly Looking to Break Her NDA

  1. This man is an embarrassment to black americans..he is a stupid idiot..for one..denying your people..that is what the heck he gets..its call KARMA.. too bad his father died..he woulda straighetened the dude out. He mama cant do nothing with him..it seems someone..a relative on his dads side could have come forward and drop some knowledge on being a person of color..no matter what he called himself..he should now just go away..and retire..that is what everyone wants him to do..just go away..retire..he rich enough..and he needs psychiatric help to fight his sex addiction..just step away from the limelight..
    permanently..and hire someone to run his business interests.. Go away..tiger. You no longer a hero.

  2. Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all, Do you know the golf elites are lowkey racist! When you watch a major event, you will only see Black People serving the guests, wtf is all that about!

  3. Why yaw bashing Tiger? Nigga she signed a contract you fucking weirdos. This is made wrong and terrible. She is finna be sued and can not sell a book about the situation. If she due it would be halted and the publisher will be sued. Lol how you sign a NDA and do the opposite of the contract you signed.

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