Time’s Up Women of Color Want to Silence R.Kelly With #MuteRKelly Campaign

It’s long been time to pull the aux on singer R. Kelly, and now powerful women of color within the #TimesUp movement released a statement announcing their effort to join forces with the online campaign #MuteRKelly.

“The scars of history make certain that we are not interested in persecuting anyone without just cause,” the statement reads. “With that said, we demand appropriate investigations and inquiries into the allegations of R. Kelly’s abuse made by women of color and their families for over two decades now.”

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32 thoughts on “Time’s Up Women of Color Want to Silence R.Kelly With #MuteRKelly Campaign

  1. Seems like there's a war on mens sexuality. I for one am now afraid of dealing with females seems no matter what we men are allways demonized and women are portrayed as poor inocent children. We know this is a lie it takes two to tango. These girls need to grow up and accept responsibility for their actions not just find a man to blame.

  2. In my opinion sorry to sound pessimistic but,i don't think this #movement will change anything, because as long we have people willing to exploited, others it will never change,…When people see their favorite stars on television who they admire, get caught red handed in a lewd, disgusting behavior, we over look it, we become "Stan fans" or "cheerleader" you may call it, they can't do no wrong. Furthermore everybody's moral code get toss out of the window, without the public support people like R. Kelly continued with this type of behavior, because as long as they benefit from this machine call the entertainment business, we''ll tolerate this depraved behavior, for years even decades, as long his talents feed the machine, example: Money, narcissism, putting out number 1# pop hits, winning awards…now all of the sudden everybody in Hollyweird who knew this "open secret" went on, now their morality code lights ups only after 25 years later, this individual who had demonstrated countless times of disturbed behavior involving underage girls. The men and women in the who knew and party with this man are EQUALLY just as guilty as him, and in addition the public who supported this man even after the fact, which started back in 1995 when he married a 15 year old Aaliyah, that should've been a sign, to people we're not gonna support this person…our society has dropped our moral level on the ground and we need to pick it back up and deem from all level not just MEN…it should apply to all depraved behavior regardless of race, age, sex, color, and beliefs, The public has to decided and stay consist especially when it come to our young children, because the have kids in this industry has zero voice and no support by adults who claims to protect them… hell, Jerry lee Lewis was blacklisted for marrying his 13 year old cousin, so it's possible, not wait and tolerate with some damn armchair #movement ..sorry for the long rant had to get a lot off my chest

  3. Hugh Hefner should have left the blue print to this shit I can't recall him ever having problems for fucking with all those women and having them at not just a house but playboy mansion

  4. I saw the tape like most people do I think it was R Kelly yeah but a court of law found him not guilty this is a witch hunt justice can't turn into powerful people with money determining your fate , The Me movement is turning into the Salem trails Oprah and her feminist crew are abusing there power justice is turning into let me make a phone call big bank take little bank this is what America justice is turning into powerful people using fear tactics not justice

  5. Most females are delusional liars. In which feminist & feminine men stand up for. But their lies to us intelligent men. Are so far fetched. That it makes it seem like they're from another planet.

  6. Not sure what to make of these stories all I know is that I will be playing RKelly music till the day that I die. If there is a show if his near me, I will be the first one to buy the ticket. Keep giving us that music Kells. I can't wait for the new album. It doesn't matter to us even if it's sold underground we will still buy it because we know it will be good ish. "Yeah I made it, I am the world's greatest"

  7. is it not interesting that a bunch of people can stand together and ask to have someone stripped of their career without any criminal conviction, and if this shit flies, where does it stop, who draws the line

  8. Trial by media at its finest… So R Kelly has a sex cult and has been holding women hostage in his Atlanta and Chicago homes since this news broke in July 2017? Is that the same Atlanta home that got burgled and they completely wiped out? So how come they didn’t find no girls during the burglary? What about his other two properties that were subject to fore closure? So when the repo van turned up where were those under age girls at that he has been steady grooming as part of his harem? Or is nobody really trying ask basic common sense questions nowadays? I guess it’s true that common sense really ain’t all that common.

  9. So what happened to Harvey Weinstein??? I am all in on a thorough investigation on the pied piper and he should be brought to justice if the allegations are true but I wonder…he has some really good R&B classics…and a lot of fans…where do we draw the line between artist and human being? Food for thought…:/

  10. this is bullshit, r kelly is a good looking brotha, women are haterz who are against good looking men, this is the truth cause old white crusty jewish men are behind this crap to mess up everything, fuckers like sumner redstone and george soros who are 2 old fuckheads who want to kill humanity.

  11. Too many women with too much time on their hands people we know we all know how these things work. R Kelly is a rich man he doesn't want to be committed to one woman and guess what those woman accept those terms as long as they can benefit financially but when they get older or they not listening and he's done with them it's a problem

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