Tom Brady Ends Radio Interview Early Over Comments About His Daughter

Tom Brady is going to take part in a lot of interviews this week in the days leading up to the Patriots’ Super Bowl LII matchup against the Eagles on Sunday. Some of his interactions with reporters will probably be tense, especially as New England inches closer to the big game. But it’s unlikely that any of them will be as tense as the Brady interview that took place on Boston radio station WEEI early Monday morning.

Brady appears on WEEI every week throughout the NFL season to talk about whatever is going on in his life at the time. This season, he has spoken about everything from his friendship with Floyd Mayweather to his thoughts on that wild Jimmy Garoppolo rumor during his WEEI appearances. But Brady was in no mood to talk on Monday morning after what one WEEI host said about his 5-year-old daughter Vivian during a show late last week.

WEEI host Alex Reimer was talking about Brady on the station’s Mut at Night show when he was asked about the Patriots quarterback’s new Tom vs. Time documentary series that debuted recently. Reimer responded by saying that one of the scenes in the show seemed “so staged.” And while that probably wouldn’t have ruffled many feathers, Reimer also made some disparaging comments about Brady’s daughter with his very next breath by referring to her as “an annoying little pissant.”

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35 thoughts on “Tom Brady Ends Radio Interview Early Over Comments About His Daughter

  1. Shame on Reimer! He tried being "cool" like Callahan and the other nit-wit they have on the morning "sports" radio show in Boston. Reimer is an idiot and deserves what he gets, but if WEEI didn't have the Monday morning spot with Tom Brady, he (Reimer) would not have been suspended -period. Why would I say This? Here's why. When the lead schmuck (Tom Brady rump swab), Callahan made RACIST comments a few years back he was Suspended (wink wink) when he should have been Fired! If I remember correctly, Callahan likened minority children in Boston, waiting for the morning school bus, to Monkey's. Tom Brady is big money to WEEI, the school kids in Boston are not! Have a nice day.

  2. I think he's being soft about this. If anyone watched the pro bowl Sunday then they'd notice a football players kids being rough with each other. In other words misbehaving. And that football player had to kneel down an say something to the kid . So yes kids can be pissants . An Tom needs to stop being a little bitch about it .

  3. You know what’s funny? I went to high school with this host (Alex Reimer) and he was one of the biggest daddy’s boy, an epitome of a “pissant”. I don’t know where he got the audacity to called someone else’s kid a “pissant”. Plus he’s only 24 and fresh out of college , he has no concept of being a parent and trust me when I say this, he is public enemy number 1 in Boston. His career is tarnished unless he moves to another city. Com’n, you don’t talk shit about a 5 year old, especially one of a Royal bloodline. 🤣

  4. Even as a patriots fan Ill let people hate brady all they want, hell if I wasn’t a patriots fan I’d hate the patriots and Brady too but going at his kids? You gotta go.

  5. I don't like Brady but going after kids is low. You don't talk about someone kids. Even the Lil Wayne interview, i mean if you gon fire this dude for dissing Brady kids then fire people across the board. Don't mess with peoples kids, ijs

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