Tomi Lahren Actually Has the Ability to Apologize

Tomi Lahren apologized to Rep Joseph P Kennedy III for going too far in her takedown. But she still owes an “I’m sorry” to someone else.

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23 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren Actually Has the Ability to Apologize

  1. Imagine if the jokes that this guy participates in, in private were made public?… I wonder how many demographics are used as props for his amusement?

    Media holds the expectation of perfection for anyone in the spotlight who opposes their ideals, preconceived ideas, Notions and prejudices, yet never holds themselves accountable to the same standards and only hopes and prays that their private life does not become exposed in public as the people who have the guts to openly apologize and expose their own flaws like Tomi lahren do. Gotta love America 🇺🇸 ❄

  2. what is this? click bait? you realize the only reason anyone is watching this is because its about Tomi Lahren. its probably one of your highest hits videos. anyways if you are going to hate on someone for doing what they are paid to do cause that's what she is doing, she is a cheerleader or a troll depending on your point of view but regardless that is her job and she does it well

  3. trans-fobia is a made up loser IDEA not a truth your an IDIOT looking for real in a FAKE reality and did you just call ALL WHITE PEOPLE RACIST YOU ASS!!! Stop being you!

  4. You know does not
    mind people of color
    at all my friend [for sure]
    so your comments about her
    she was just belittling him as a
    man is all; shes standing her ground
    if she was a man what she said would
    not be taken so badly by anyone at all
    However we know race has nothing
    to do at all with what she said
    So you should retract what
    you said and be nice if
    anything shes helping
    "your" community
    by very much
    1.5 trillion
    helps everyone
    so be glad
    and smile

    She apologized [all of a sudden]
    because she wanted to let him know
    there is no hard feelings in the tough words
    as i am sure he said some tough ones back too
    Shes trying to be the better person there is nothing
    wrong with letting another know [hey i might be rude]
    but hey do not take it to heart because to me your foolish
    As the Foolish one can dish out harsh words but yet mostly
    they can hardly ever take it back
    you should not call her a raciest
    you know she is not at all [0]

    Trust me on this
    everyone will
    be happy


  5. Tomi Lahren is completely useless when she doesn’t have a penis in her…you can criticize me for being a chauvinist pig if you want but, before you do dig this. I’m not talking about women in general I’m talking about Tomi, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about really ever, she doesn’t deserve the position she’s at in life(read her Wikipedia bio she basically got to where she’s at in life by being a hotter stupider version of Ann Coulter) and is basically a Nazified version of the useless chicks running around Hollywood with no talent no skills.

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