Tomi Lahren Is Getting Roasted for Missing the Point of March for Our Lives

Famous clout chaser right-wing pundit Tomi Lahren is getting slammed on social media for dishing out some insensitive comments about March for Our Lives, a student-organized gun control rally (March 24th) sparked by the Parkland school shooting that claimed 17 lives. As hundreds of thousands of protestors (some of whom have lost family, colleagues, and loved ones due to senseless gun violence) took to the streets, the conservative commentator did what she does best: tweet.

“Simply being anti-NRA is not a solution. March FOR something, not just against everything,” she tweeted in an attempt to diminish the movement. “Disarming the citizenry is the first step to oppression and tyranny. Kids, I suggest you crack open the history book and learn this pattern. #marchforourlives.”

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34 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren Is Getting Roasted for Missing the Point of March for Our Lives

  1. Anyone who thinks that it is remotely posible to take Americans guns away is a DELUSIONAL COWARD!
    How is the concept ov THESE KIDS JUST WANNA LIVE AND NOT GET SHOT so hard for ANYONE to grasp hold ov???

  2. If the March is about protecting innocent lives, could someone educate me very specifically on how it accomplished that. Also, if you have numbers on how many lives were protected that would be good too. In reality, a bunch of kids that make a non gun owner like me feel like an expert gathered and attempted to use their experience as victims of gun violence over evidence.

  3. Someone should tell that flesh covered daemon that the 2nd amendment doesn’t say anytyhing close to her inturpritation, not even Scallia perverted it that much. Before you scream about how you FEEL maybe learn some things and moreover undertand how you feel is literally irrelevant. It’s about malitias, read it. Please, anyone? Literally. Anyhow, pretend the constitution is yours to ‘decipher’ and the founders were just like Tomi, a modern idiot, facebooks and internet and weapons of war in the hands of the common man… hahah… morons… anyhow. Sad no one cares about history or it’s truths. Both ‘sides’ (and how pathetic that’s the America we live in…. sides… ugh) abuse history but boy the RIGHT loves to just rewrite it daily. One day Tomi, I will see you in public and we will have a discussion that involves intelegence and facts… that will be pure universal comedy.

  4. Lauren is a paid right wing actress. She is in someone's pocket spouting their bullshit. Nothing more than a greedy puppet. Brought to you by the same group that thinks survivors of school shootings are paid to be anti-gun. Fucking political logic for ya. Their friends were murdered. Republicans * "but why dont they like guns? Must be paid liberals!" Politics is littered with those who will say anything if you pay them. That's not government. It's bad reality TV

  5. Tomi is the only one with half a brain and understands the political climate unlike most of her brainwashed, over sensitive millennial counterparts. Can't expect much from a liberal feed like 'Complex News'.

  6. Okay, I’m pro 2A and I get the point. The problem with right wing pundits like Tomi Lauren is that they will literally backhand anything remotely left wing (except when it benefits them).
    Tomi will be a nobody in 5-10 years since the only reason why she is popular is simply her looks. She literally has no independent thought process. It’s literally a huge market for young attractive women who can at least act conservative.

  7. Understand why half of ya like hip hop, if you're hating on this, this is all hip hop talks about, being an advocate for what you want in life basically. I guess that's what happens when you just like the feelings and the Beats, without understanding the history of a certain genre.

  8. Celebrities just there to stay relevant. Tomi is great for saying wat she said… Btw i will forever have my guns and keep buying more ! Ak47 is pretty amazing. Those who oppose dont own it!!!

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