Tomi Lahren vs Hip-Hop: A History of the Fox News Host Getting Dunked On

For someone who very clearly travels in the well-chummed MAGA waters and the overtly white supremacist programming of Fox, Tammy seems to have an un-healthy obsession with hip-hop, rappers using their platform to address systemic injustices, and the culture in-general regardless of how often she gets dunked on everytime she decides to chime-in.

Her IG, sitting at 1.5 million followers looks like a brochure for whites only housing development that takes after the next Purge movie, is almost universally vanila, but Twitter is really where Tomi stretches her mayo-flavored tentacles to @ some of hip-hop’s biggest luminaries. Here at Complex, we’ve been following Tammy’s work for years, but here’s a brief recap of some of the more memorable moments of her getting dragged by some of your favorite rappers.

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41 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren vs Hip-Hop: A History of the Fox News Host Getting Dunked On

  1. thank you white bitch for sticking up for us minorities, if it wasn't for you white soy boy faggot suburbians defending us defenseless meek minority males from white supremacist fox news, who would cnn? aka fake news. i truly feel bad for me & my friends crossing town & stomping you faggots into the ground when we were high n had nothing better to do. so sorry i didn't know how you white libtards felt about us back then. you won me over i well now vote el beto ( the white boy) for president in 2020. 🖕thumbs up dick sucker.

  2. You allude to that she’s racist and then use to entire video to insult her skin color yourself. You also allude that Fox News is a commonly and widely known racist network, but imagine them having similar commentary to what you used against a black person for example. Replace Tomi Lauren with Tamika Mallory and replace Chobani with chocolate pudding…how would that fly over?

  3. Tomi Lahren: Beyonce's halftime show was dumb because her fans are white and the U.S. flag shouldn't be disrespected
    Complex: You're Racist and a nazi, Beyhive dunked on you Durr Durr Durr

    This a dumbass video ngl

  4. She wants attention. white people ignore her so she antagonize black people and we keep biting SMH. She went from a trash ass little internet show to Fox News because of us. ignore her and she'll disappear back into obscurity where she belongs. But keep up the good work Complex 🙄.

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