Top Dawg Promises ‘Best Doctors’ for SZA After She Says Voice Is ‘Permanently Injured’

Last week, TDE president Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith announced he had to remove SZA from the label’s Championship Tour due to a vocal injury. Concern for the singer has grown after she fired off a series of exasperated tweets on Wednesday in which she suggested her voice had been permanently damaged. In an apparent effort to calm the waters, Top Dawg took to his Twitter on Thursday morning to answer a fan in his mentions and calm everyone down by assuring SZA will get “the best doctors.”

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42 thoughts on “Top Dawg Promises ‘Best Doctors’ for SZA After She Says Voice Is ‘Permanently Injured’

  1. Okay but who is SZA's label/managers? They knew they were overworking her. They pushed her so far she lost her voice. That's horrible. She can't fight back because of legal reasons in the contract but dam the literally used her up and dumped her. Poor girl.

  2. my prayers for her , she has to get better for the future of her career , she needs to stay home rest her voice, go see doctors , take meds whatever to recover,, she is one of my favorite young singer’s like Sevyn Streeter , maybe she get some vocal pointers from her one day ,Sevyn doesn’t seem to have that a vocal problem, my prayers to her and her family

  3. It’s the way SZA sings that is damaging her voice. She strains her voice and sings from her throat rather than her diaphragm which is putting heavy stress on her vocal cords. TDE needs to get her a vocal coach so she can learn the correct singing techniques

  4. Ayy fr, all jokes or pissy comments aside, being a musical theatre student for 3 years taught me a lot about the voice and its breaking points, SZA needs a rest fr, i mean its not like she hasnt already dropped enough heat for 2018 already (cough cough doves in the wind & garden cough)

  5. For all the SZA haters, listen to all of her work before CTRL (S, See.SZA.Run, and Z) and watch her videos. Her talent is unmeasured and her style so unique and different from anyone else out there. I especially recommend the S album, track one "Castles" as a prime example. Promise you'll be blown away.

  6. Ummm…. has anyone actually heard her live here? She actually sounds terrible. There's no way someone like this is making it this far and sounding like that live. There's gotta be more to it than that. People, fill me in here cause she doesn't sound good honestly and this news kind of hits as an ironic joke to me having heard her live. I'm being 100% here. What is it? Her voice doesn't strike as unique or new. Why the best for the worst?

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