Tory Lanez Tweets Then Deletes Apology For Saying He Was The Best Rapper Alive

Produced: Pro (Jaysn Prolifiq)

Voiceover: Alexandra Wurst

Video Edit: CT (Clifton Tate)

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41 thoughts on “Tory Lanez Tweets Then Deletes Apology For Saying He Was The Best Rapper Alive

  1. who ever got negative comments about this kid dont even listen to his music. im a huge tory fan and this kid got bars, he can go bar for bar with anybody foreal.

  2. “We all kings
    Kings of ourselves first and foremost
    While the people debate who's the king of this rap game
    Here comes lil' ol' Jermaine
    With every ounce of strength in his veins
    To snatch the crown from whoever y'all think has it
    But rather than place it on his head as soon as he grabs it
    Poof, boom, paow, it's like magic
    With a flash and a BANG the crown disintegrates
    And falls from the Earth from which it came
    It's done
    Ain't gonna be no more kings
    Be wary of any man that claims
    Because deep down he claims onto the need for power
    But reality he's a coward
    Ultimately he's scared to die
    And sometimes so am I
    But when I'm in tune with the most high
    I realize
    The fear lies in my lack of awareness of the other side
    Today I know that we are the same
    Are the same, you and I
    Different kind of skin, different set of eyes
    Two different minds, but only one God
    It's for all the kings
    Cause deep down I know every pore just wanna be loved”

  3. Loved that nas sample with 50 he did and the sway 6 fingers freestyle opening up with the Cameron welcome to NYC beat.. that shit was dope but.. albums arent what I enjoy as a hip hop fan!

  4. How are all these r&b singers claiming to be rappers? And to make it worse some think they're rap legends. I can't wait til this guy gets humbled. Somebody gotta beat this man up
    edit: He's not even the best r&b "rapper"

  5. Anyone out there reading this comment, please take the time and search for the word "Dajjal". I hope this will give you the true understanding of what's coming. Hence the "One Eye" symbol which is around us everywhere ✌🏽.

  6. The only reason why.cole or Push didn’t reply cause pfft Tory please stick to singing rapping at for you and also you pick Cole and push’s aaaaahh they Will BODIED YOU

  7. I'd be a terrible rapper my ego ain't big enough for me to save I'm the best rapper alive like i got bars i rap rap you know what I'm saying my bars hit you like I'm trying to kick you

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