Trae Tha Truth – Protect Our Women (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Protect Our Women” by Trae Tha Truth.
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With everything goin on in the world, we have had countless women murders and murders of victims who left they mothers or family to suffer,Trae chose to shed light and uplift and fight for them, this video has the parents and families of all the hashtags we post appearing, We must protect our women at all cost


Director @deezymiaci5

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Author: admin

27 thoughts on “Trae Tha Truth – Protect Our Women (Official Music Video)

  1. I can understand why this video would be misleading to those without understanding!!!! This ain't just about him getting shot over a stranger he dont know!!! Black women been our leaders for years!!!! Being moma and daddy, financial dependents and etc……when have we as a collective group of black men stood on the front line to protect whats ours!! Statistics show we haven't!!! We either dead or in jail or just existing stuck in a system mentality!!!! For the few that understood what this video symbolizes keep standing 💪!!!

  2. Y'all pathetic in these comments and I hope your girlfriends or wives (if y'all even got em), grandmamas, aunts, sisters, moms, etc don't ever have to see this kinda shit lol Mother's Day was literally last Sunday and this how y'all coming?

  3. Lord knows I fux with Ro and Trae heavy, it's Guerilla Maab til I die but this ain't it chief.

    This ain't nothing but low key propaganda and it's not actually fixing the problem.

    He's smart enough to know this will only encourage irrational dudes to strap on a cape and die for nothing when it was more than likely the woman die something to be arrested if the cop is trying to put cuffs on her.

    I would've been way more receptive to the message had they acted out a scenario where a regular dude was abusing his shorty and Trae intervened because that happens a lot more frequently.

    There is nothing heroic or honorable about throwing your life away over an incident that can be fought in court, these rappers be really out here leading the youth astray.

    You only have 3 options in those instances comply, die or be willing to kill and spend the rest of your life in prison.

    There wasn't much context here but black folks need to realize that it only hurts them when they act a fool over being arrested, especially if they know they're in the wrong in the first place.

  4. Take her ass to jail. They damn sure not protecting us from going to jail. In fact, they instigate us going with their mentality and morals. RIP Breona tho! Black women get it together tho.

  5. Um obviously he didn’t do research on the case … she wasn’t sleep bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️ this song is corny lol you tried and much respect to you but this wasn’t a good song at all

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