Trap Manny feat. Lil Rekk – Big Flex (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Big Flex” by Trap Manny (ft. Lil Rekk).
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Trap Manny feat Lil Rekk release the visuals for their newest single “Big Flex” Produced by Kutta Beatz

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“Big Flex” Lyrics:

Trap Manny (HOOK)

Nigga think he holding weight then he get bench pressed
If your hoe got seen with me, that’s a big flex
I got money in the trap that I ain’t spent yeah, yeah, yeah
Cause a seen we air your block your shit get spined yeah, yeah, yeah
Brought a couple killers with me, we might shoot this bitch up
In designer I’m on zaza I got drink in my cup
I’m a boss I get money I ain’t got time to link up
Since a youngin I been thuggin I ain’t never gave no fucks

Trap Manny (VERSE)

Catch me out in Philly, I ain’t wit Meek bitch I’m wit Lil Rekk
We poppin out with them Fns, and them Keltecs and them 223s
Every time I fuck her on a pill, I know she feel me
I just fucked her friend, and now I got her in her feelings
We been going up, making movies you should film it
Counting all this dirty money, got my hands filthy
Fuck the DA, if I catch a case, I’m pleading not guilty
With them demons toting choppas ridin round in a Hellcat

Trap Manny (HOOK)

Lil Rekk (VERSE)

Hard to tell them time all on my watch, they too buss down
Gave the plug my backends, I’ma pull up when he touch down
I like bitches with they own money I don’t buss down
Niggas getting deals for 20 racks think they up now
I take niggas bitches outta town and let them live they life
I cut bitches off for they friend should’ve been acting right
My feature cost half a brick I think I’m finna up the price
Niggas talk that gangsta shit soon as we seem them up these pipes

Trap Manny (HOOK)

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