Trapboy Freddy – Laugh Now (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Laugh Now” by Trapboy Freddy.
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Trapboy Freddy releases new single + video for “Laugh Now”

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Author: admin

46 thoughts on “Trapboy Freddy – Laugh Now (Official Music Video)

  1. It will never stop will it smh dope beat but word wise could of came in a better direction then this it’s a million things u can rap about but u pick sumbody who is not living to rap about we gotta do better as a whole it has to stop somewhere!!!

  2. Its really sad that we STUCK WITH TRAP N YELLA.. Yall aint put dallas on tha map… Yall ruined us.. 3 was that nigga to put dallas on tha map in 2020 n 2021 but ill be damn.. Then tha nigga talkin now that 3 gne smh

  3. Damn even in his death you taking jabs, this rap shit is crazy. One thing you dont do is tempt the universe, that energy gone comeback to haunt you like it did 3.

  4. I wonder if he would have shot this video while it was sunny outside.. 😅🤣🤫 #Doubtit…."lets shoot it in the Texas snow storm when nobody outside, so it can seem like i be outside 😴

  5. It was cool when mo3 was dissing trap dead potnas and claiming he shot yella now yall mad 🤣🤣🤣…and for the record yall saying 3 had him quiet but 3 wasn't doing no shows in dallas or going to no clubs in Dallas…freddy was all outside

  6. Y’all need to stop capping saying freddy was scared and waited til 3 was dead THATS A FUCKING LOW HE HAD DOS SONGS TO YALL JUST WISH THAT SHIT WAS TRUE. TRAP AND YELLA MAN DOWN DEF CAME OUT BEFORE 3 DIED YALL MEED TO QUIT KNOWING DAMM WELL MO3 would’ve made 1,233,099 dis tracks
    9982,133 Facebook lies and 100,000 TikTok if it was on the other foot. Y’all as

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