Trapboy Freddy – Laugh Now (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Laugh Now” by Trapboy Freddy.
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Trapboy Freddy releases new single + video for “Laugh Now”

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Author: admin

46 thoughts on “Trapboy Freddy – Laugh Now (Official Music Video)

  1. It will never stop will it smh dope beat but word wise could of came in a better direction then this it’s a million things u can rap about but u pick sumbody who is not living to rap about we gotta do better as a whole it has to stop somewhere!!!

  2. Its really sad that we STUCK WITH TRAP N YELLA.. Yall aint put dallas on tha map… Yall ruined us.. 3 was that nigga to put dallas on tha map in 2020 n 2021 but ill be damn.. Then tha nigga talkin now that 3 gne smh

  3. It was cool when mo3 was dissing trap dead potnas and claiming he shot yella now yall mad 🤣🤣🤣…and for the record yall saying 3 had him quiet but 3 wasn't doing no shows in dallas or going to no clubs in Dallas…freddy was all outside

  4. Y’all need to stop capping saying freddy was scared and waited til 3 was dead THATS A FUCKING LOW HE HAD DOS SONGS TO YALL JUST WISH THAT SHIT WAS TRUE. TRAP AND YELLA MAN DOWN DEF CAME OUT BEFORE 3 DIED YALL MEED TO QUIT KNOWING DAMM WELL MO3 would’ve made 1,233,099 dis tracks
    9982,133 Facebook lies and 100,000 TikTok if it was on the other foot. Y’all as

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