Travis Scott on Kid Cudi: ‘I Think He Can Go Bar to Bar’ With Jay Z

There’s no denying Kid Cudi’s influence on the world of hip-hop. From Kanye West to Kevin Abstract, Cudi has had a lasting impact on countless musicians young and old. To celebrate Cudi’s legacy, Beats 1 aired a special dedicated to him which featured some of his best work and praise from some of the artists he’s left a big impression on.

Speaking about Cudi during the episode, Travis Scott explained, “I idolize Kid Cudi a lot. That’s like, my favorite artist.” Scott has always been vocal in his appreciation for him, and during the Beats 1 special he very much reiterated how important his work has been. “I think he can go bar to bar—like some people think Jay Z is the best rapper. I feel like he can compete with that and still have his own wave. I f*ck with him, because he always had his own lingo. He created a world for kids like me, who wasn’t just like, the ultimate like drug dealer. He created that vibe and that planet, where you can mack on bitches and still be smooth, and still feel like you’re the king scientist. Not everyone is as real as their music is. That artist comes once every decade.”

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26 thoughts on “Travis Scott on Kid Cudi: ‘I Think He Can Go Bar to Bar’ With Jay Z

  1. Cudi is probably my favorite artist of all time. His creativity is undeniable, Man on the Moon 1 & 2 are classics. But bar to bar with Jay? No.

  2. Bruh y yall gotta make the headline seem like Travis thinks Kid Cudi is as lyrical as Hov, Travis is saying that Cudi's music is as good as Hov's, he's not saying Cudi is as lyrical

    Fuck Complex and Frazier… especially Frazier that nigga a dork

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