Travis Scott Teases ‘AstroWorld’ Sound and Release Date

Travis Scott has a new mission. We’re just not sure what it is.

In a new interview, the rapper told Billboard that he’s on “a mission to be heard”—one he referred to as “Mission 28” because “I’m going crazy all the way until Nov. 28.” However, the rapper’s representatives clarified, saying people should not attach any significance to that specific date. They called Mission 28 “an abstract mantra.” Scott also appeared to back away, following up his statement by explaining that, despite mentioning the day explicitly, Nov. 28 was “just a date.”

Speculation about the meaning of Mission 28 actually started weeks ago, when Travis shared a picture of what appeared to be a recording studio with that phrase attached.

Part of Scott’s mission seems to have come from his 2016 album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight not receiving any acknowledgement from the Grammys. He said he was “super disappointed” at the snub.

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25 thoughts on “Travis Scott Teases ‘AstroWorld’ Sound and Release Date

  1. For all you guys saying that he won't drop the album,all you guys are some assholes because he's actually dropping it this May or June for some reason. I think it will be released in June because he announced it at his birthday party last month.

  2. I feel like Astroworld will pave the way for all these bandwagon fucks saying they fuck with Travis when they never even heard Rodeo or days before rodeo one hit is finna pop off and everybody gonna be on Travis dick I miss the old Rodeo vibes shit like Maria I’m drunk is still on repeat😤 huncho jack was mediocre asf and any La Flame fan knows his real potential, my expectations are high for this next album he better not sell out…

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