Trevor Noah Unpacks Religion, Societal Changes & Problematic Culture In America

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27 thoughts on “Trevor Noah Unpacks Religion, Societal Changes & Problematic Culture In America

  1. Trevoh gives an answer about consent to please the Zeitgeist. Consent cannot be subjective; it should be objective and with fixed standards because it is used as a weapon of revenge, extortion or attention to damage the lives of those who cross the women. If it is bad, it should be bad across the board and not how or who the woman likes or hates. If you take someone's thing without their permission, it is theft. Such a matter of importance or that magnitude where the lives of men have been destroyed cannot be subjective. It cannot be left in the feelings of the woman.

  2. In America everything is turned into a Popularity Contest and that's the problem, no matter who you vote for.
    You should vote and support the policies and what's right now just vote because someone said what you wanted to hear but they have no plans on how to get there.
    Well Said Trevor, I am Polish and living in the United states. Love your show and the fact that you still have the Gift of Debating and just simple conversation about the topics no one knows how to talk about but just be nasty to each other's

  3. I always say people who mute the actual voices of rape or sexual assault victims are rapist and liars. People who lie about rape ruin the voices of actual rape victims. When someone says they witness or has been rape it should be taken seriously.

  4. I agree with what Trevor said about integration. We don’t have to be completely integrated in our communities, but we Do need the same access to quality living and education. NYC is still dealing with this, in majority black and Latino neighborhoods public schools aren’t doing as well bc they don’t get the same quality education, and people are talking about desegregation of schools. Like just give us the same quality education. Equal opportunity equal access.

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