Tristan Thompson HITS ON Khloe Kardashian After PCAs Win!

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I hate to do this to you on a Monday, but I’ve got an update on the Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian situation. Apparently Tristan is NEVER going to give up on Koko.What’s up you guys? It’s Erin Robinson here with Clevver News and it seems like Tristan Thompson has nothing but love for his ex, Khloe Kardashian. Tirstan has made that VERY clear on social media on multiple occasions.Funny how he’s got all this love NOW, but didn’t while she was 8 months pregnant, BUT I digress! I am 100% here for these two co-parenting their baby girl True, but after everything that Tristan has done… AKA cheating on Khloe multiple times including with Kylie’s ex-BFF Jordyn Woods, the world is kind of done with his IG posts gushing over Koko.But that doesn’t stop Tristan! Like, maybe a congratulations text would suffice, but nope, Tristan wants everyone to see what he has to say.We see you Tristan.This morning, he posted these pics of Khloe on his Instagram from the People’s Choice Awards, which took place last night. Khloe won the award for Reality Star of 2019 for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She was actually up against her sister Kylie, but Koko took home the award.He continued on and congratulated her for the success of her show Revenge Body and for how much she helps people with the show.Which we actually agree with. I do love Revenge Body.Oooh so he’s even throwing some inside jokes in there.I really really wonder what Khloe thinks about this. Does she like when he makes posts like this? Or does she think it’s too much? I’ve really got to know.To me, it feels like he is overcompensating BIG TIME, and I am not alone in this.The comments on Tristan’s pic are flooded with Khloe fans coming to her defense.But other fans respect Tristan’s decision to post about Khloe.So while I don’t necessarily think a post like this would make up for everything that Tristan has done, and to be honest, is likely still doing… I guess it’s better he is posting things like this about Khloe rather than the alternative.I am all for spreading love and positivity on social media.And this certainly isn’t the first time Tristan has posted about Khloe on social media since their rocky split.Heck, this isn’t even the first time in the past week!On Friday, he sent Khloe a giant balloon arrangement in honor of her KKW Fragrance launch. So this made it seem like Khloe really did appreciate the balloons and maybe likes these over the top gestures from Tristan.But THEN, Khloe shared some other IG stories that made it seem like she’s having some mixed feelings about their relationship.A few hours after the balloon post, she also posted some cryptic quotes that suggest that she and Tristan might not actually be in the best place.
And if that wasn’t enough to confuse you about what’s going on between these two…
At the People’s Choice Awards last night, many fans noticed that Khloe was wearing a diamond ring on THAT finger.You know, the wedding ring finger.
And we’re not saying that means anything, it just adds to my confusion. If I had to guess, it’s likely just an accessory! Just had to throw it out there though!
But I want to know what you guys think of Tristan fawning over Khloe and making these very public grandiose gestures! Is this a sign Khloe and Tristan are close to getting back together? Is Tristan too little too late? Also, I have to know… do you still think there’s hope for these two as a couple?Let me know down in the comments below.

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