Trolls Are Already Review Bombing Captain Marvel on Rotten Tomatoes

The female-fronted superhero pic is also the third-biggest MCU preseller behind ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Black Panther.’

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25 thoughts on “Trolls Are Already Review Bombing Captain Marvel on Rotten Tomatoes

  1. Captain marvel was a great movie and shouldnt have been review bombed, black panther was great and shouldnt have been review bombed. Ghostbusters however deserved to be review bombed and hated, they remade a perfectly good movie with a female cast with the sole intention of being feminist and completely ruined the Ghostbuster reputation and legacy

  2. Racists want be racist without being labeled as racists simple as that…this is why there are so many triggered alt right idiots that hate Brie Larson

  3. They're not wrong, though. There are many false reviews being written on it by people who admit they haven't seen the film. I've read them myself. If those people really wanted to prove a point, they wouldn't be afraid of what the true audience score would be and they wouldn't manipulate it. And judging by the trailers and the YT critic video reviews, it probably wouldn't be very good.

  4. Zero journalistic integrity here. Intentionally misleading clickbait. "Want to see" scores are not, "review bombing". Now that it's on general release and the review embargo is lifted, it's TANKING in the critic and audience scores. Are all of those reviews trolling too?

  5. Lol i hear her racist sexist comments and think well yeah thats racist lol. This dude reads the same comments but interprets it as the right thing to say to “thin skinned people”. Okay, when i get helped at the dmv, theres way too many black women. I talked to my state leaders about getting less blacks and more white people

  6. Glad to hear some real news on this. With the flood of YouTube hate videos attacking Captain Marvel, it’s relieving to hear that it never really works. Faith in humanity restored a little.
    It helped that I didn’t even know there was hate on Black Panther last year and only learning of that until after it dominated. I guess T’Challa’s rule ended up conquering more than Killmonger’s.

    Wow that was a bad joke. ^^;

  7. So I guess everyone who sinks a blade in a P.C. sacred cow is somehow a troll, and part of a campaign?
    Well excuse me Mr. News (or Complex if you please). I am not part of a campaign. I, and many like me, don't want to see this movie because Brie Larson is wooden, unconvincing, unlikable, and forced in her portrayal of a somewhat obscure hero. Granted, we've only seen clips and trailers. But in every one, Brie (cheese with that whine) Larson seems like a monotone, annoying little sister doing a bad cosplay.
    Granted, watching her wipe the drool from her chin as she waxes flatulent about evil white men does make me cringe. However, in my "I do not intend to watch this movie" comment on RoToms, you will observe exactly zero references to how brain dead and insulting she is as a person. Only as an actress.

  8. There's are a lot of women like me and every other race that doesn't want to see it because of sexist racism SJWs think everyone enjoys. I hope you realize that the entire movement you think is so great is actually collapsing. You people delete our comments and opinions if it doesn't go by your own. The reason why you blame white men is because you keep them there or create bots. This entire SJW shit was a failure and everything you did is staged. There is legitimate proof. No one's taking your shit anymore and honestly, you did this to yourselves.

  9. This is not "review bombing" or bots! This is a moron going out and excluding the largest segment of the comic book/ superhero genre! The vast majority of people are tired of social justice and feminist nonsense being forced into everything! Women in the west are not oppressed or discriminated against! Modern feminism is completely unnecessary bullshit! I guess time will tell if Larson's ignorant racist and sexist promotional tour will hurt the numbers? If GB 2016 is any indicator it doesn't look good!

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