Troy Ave – Richer Than My Haters (Casanova 2X Diss) (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Richer Than My Haters (Casanova 2X Diss)” by Troy Ave.
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“Richer Than My Haters” Lyrics:

under candle lights gettin massaged

my dick is hard as i dodge

the line beneath me called POV

Verty, Really .. not for me tho

they trying trip my free flow

in hi air ones i still free throw (Swish)

Say it wit me if u not a hater troy ave greater

than who from the city where diblasios mayor

may a many blessings be bestowed on you if u like mind

broke niggaz never like mind

they cant relate

im too busy i cant relate

and i left no crumbs on the plate

i call that revenge

youll never get a taste

speak about me with nothing but a mouth full of hate

i dont need you let welfare feed you

you voted for Biden

i voted for Kanye nigga im thriving

lil kids say thats my car

whenever im driving

and i got pink slips for everything that im sliding

ferraris and pink lips

either way its a foreign

still fuk a hood bitch when im feeling nostalgin

that aint even a word u dont car when u scoring

off to court

on the court and i had to go all in

i went blow for blow u would think i was sparring

pulling strings like i was guitaring

literally googole marlin

weighn brothers marlon

but aint nothing funny bout fishcasle but the smell

i was saved by the birds

you niggas was saved by the bell

in the school of hard knocks and all my paper is well

i could fight ima shoot and i got paper as well

stop me when im telling a tell

casanova crying folks

he jus settin up stage to tell

how the fuk you crying broke wit jus 90 days in a cell

you sold ya soul for protection

they aint protect you to swell

damn caswell you the blood they extort on

this occurrance is classik

like the boy you told on

dont make me retrieve the paper work that u wrote on

you cant get a visit from none of them rapper dicks u rode on

please nigga please

i had to say it twice

its two times

u find out the real in a fake niggaz life

most times

they good at acting

got an impeccable bluff

but when them niggaz die or they get locked up

the truth comes out like a family in mourining

and them hands come out being a fraud is costing

being a fruad is costing

the truth comes out like a family at morning

thats a double entendre

they gon say the song was hard but the video offd him

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Author: admin

24 thoughts on “Troy Ave – Richer Than My Haters (Casanova 2X Diss) (Official Music Video)

  1. Which part of this video that Casanova is actually running? What I wanna know. Why u wait till dude locked to start dissin? Like what part of the game is that.

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