Troy Ave Snitching? JT Super Bowl Reactions, Tekashi & Birdman? | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Star, and Nadeska recap the Super Bowl halftime show, react to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott having a baby, and more. During the show, the crew dug deep on the Troy Ave and Taxstone situation and debated about whether or not Troy is snitching with his new video.

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23 thoughts on “Troy Ave Snitching? JT Super Bowl Reactions, Tekashi & Birdman? | Everyday Struggle

  1. Folks keep coming on here saying the show isn’t good with out Joe… say that shyt on his Channel… dude chose to leave… if you don’t like the show…. why keep giving it views and commenting… dumnuts… smfh🧐

  2. Troy Ave not snitching dude tried to kill him but ended  killing his best friend Troy ave has every right to tell on taxstone.If it would have stayed in the street and not went to court and troy went to the cops thats snitching. But since they both may do time its every man for himself PERIOD.

  3. Don't get me wrong but star is not garbage at all he just need to relax and stop trying fuck to fit in he need to go hard like he was before he took this job

  4. Tax stone should take the stand. He’s fighting for his life! Don’t let the “street code” run how the rest of your life will be. On the other hand if he doesn’t take the stand or do anything to stay out of jail, that just goes to show how much he thinks about his life. If he doesn’t care about his life then why should anyone else. I like tax stone, and his podcast needless to say.

  5. Fuck buying a digital copy (unless theres no never no physical release and i really like the rapper) i want the cd the artwork cover product in my hands.Independent labels still gon put em out tho some them limited edition box set/bundles/vinyls are dope cost a few $$$ tho

  6. Dunno if Tax would ever get on a stand but if Troy is gonna tell on him…. Taxstone only way out is to testify that Banga? pulled a gun first and he defended himself.Then it's Troy's word against Tax (unless they got another witness cause there is no video of the actual murder)

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