Trump Fires Shots at Jay Z, Wages Twitter Beef Against The Carter Family

Trump’s feathers have once again been ruffled by a pop culture icon.

During a recent appearance on The Van Jones Show, Jay Z was asked for his opinion on the current political climate and, specifically, Donald Trump’s controversial “shithole” comments. In a poignant response, the 4:44 rapper offered Donald Sterling’s scandal as an example of how America continuously fails to address racism at its core. “You don’t take care of the problem,” he said. “You don’t take the the trash out. You keep spraying whatever over it to make it acceptable. As those things grow, you create a superbug. Then now we have Donald Trump, the superbug,” he explained to the show’s host.

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38 thoughts on “Trump Fires Shots at Jay Z, Wages Twitter Beef Against The Carter Family

  1. The black unemployment rate has EVERYTHING to do with Trump policies. He rolled back all the executive order regulations from Obama that for 8 years had been stifling jobs. Obama was a JOB KILLER!!! That's why we had the lowest GDP rate in history since the great depression under his watch. This is NOT speculation. These at facts. You liberals are illiterate at best which is so scary to me because there are so many of you that have absolutely no clue and you continue to spew lies. Get to the facts and STAY with the facts. In addition; Trump created more jobs than any President in one year because people had hope again. The minute he was elected, businesses began expanding and hiring.

  2. i like Jayz and i like Trump, they are both strong men who have a lot of power and influence, i wish they would work together, And btw trumps not racist, get over it

  3. Everything Dumbass Donald takes credit for is the long-term effect of Obama's policies. Even his following on twitter can be credited to the 2,600 times he's mentioned Obama in his tweets.

  4. wait so yall defending a legit killer and drug dealer and also a cheater over a legit businessman/president responsible for lowering black unemployment to an all time low? How backwards can the left be

  5. Jigga is a rapper for one, he's also a self proclaimed drug dealer and killer, in other words, a detriment to his community. He has no room to criticize anyone.

  6. Uh……Am I Missing Something?? I’m From The Hood. I live it in it every day. And I don’t see NONE of my people getting jobs. Oh, They Apply. All the time. But nothing. So I still see the same thing I’ve been seeing. Drugs, Guns, Violence, Crime. But NO Jobs. So where the FUCK did this happen?? I would LOVE to know .

  7. Note how they quote someone but not a single quote on why trump cannot take credit. And Jay-Z is a drug dealer. He said so himself. He speaks on how he destroyed black families. Those are his words and actions and trump is racist because the democrats told you – so obey them without question.

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