Trump Praises Kanye West at NRA Convention

Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump is doing wonders for the president’s already grotesquely inflated ego

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46 thoughts on “Trump Praises Kanye West at NRA Convention

  1. Trump said these same numbers were the biggest hoax in history. After he gets elected he said these numbers point out his greatness. Also, these numbers measure different things today. They use a different system to determine unemployment. He's comparing two different things.

  2. How rude of u guys in the comment I’m a Muslim myself and Donald tramp hates Muslims and h would support a person who kicked out a lot of Muslims out of America Muslims are humans aswell

  3. Hey the punk doing this skit is a clown.
    What's wrong with trumps ego?
    You want him to be a soft little left leaning little girl like you?
    In other words a pusssy who don't stand up for anything .little noodle armed sissy

  4. Kanye just has an obsession with being the odd one out in the hip hop community. Half of these comments talking about “he can’t have his opinion?” Barely know a thing about Kanye and his history or complete Kanye stans who don’t want to admit there favorite artist is taking an L by being a hypocrite. Kanye is going too far with his ego’s obsession to be the pink polo black sheep again with this one.

  5. This is the ways I just reporting that I've ever seen by a news organization. So much opinion so little fact. If you took half a second to listen to what kanye actually said in the full teams he video instead of pulling out the one phrase that you didn't like you would have discovered exactly what he was Trying to Say. You guys are promoting a false narrative because you haven't taken the time to figure out what's going on shame on You, not everyone Realizes that they can become the hero in their story. Heroes go into places they don't want to and try to find value there and bring it back and share it with all their community

  6. Ye is genius. This man went from no one talking about him to all of twitter talking about him. Now that everyone is talking he’s gunna drop one of the albums he’s been working on soon i feel like

  7. Kanye thinks Trump proves he can became president too. This mother fucker is so delusional to think white conservative America will let his black ass slide by with all the bullshit like they did Trump's. They scorched him for interrupting Taylor Swift. Trump is held at a lower standard than any other president in modern history.

  8. God bless Donald trump. He is protecting what us christians believe in. And god bless everyone who are about to hate on my comment

  9. What's wrong with trump mentioned k.west? HES OUR PRESIDENT AND GOD BLESS HIM AND OUR FUCKING AWESOME COUNTRY…u do realise he trolls u sensitive SOY BOI N GIRLS RIGHT…or is it just the trendy thing to b against him…..cuz he's SOOOOO RACIST and hates women….YEA STILL WAITING FOR A LICK OF PROOF

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