Trump Tells NFL Anthem Kneelers to ‘Be Happy, Be Cool!’

Two Miami Dolphins players took a knee during the national anthem before their Thursday night preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson kneeled behind their teammates, who were lined up standing along the sideline. Additionally, Miami defensive end Robert Quinn stood and raised his first (which he also did last season with the Los Angeles Rams).

Friday morning, President Donald Trump—who has waged war with the NFL over the anthem protests—chastised the players and implored them to, “Be happy! Be cool!”

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35 thoughts on “Trump Tells NFL Anthem Kneelers to ‘Be Happy, Be Cool!’

  1. @ 0:58. You are probably the stupidest youtuber ever if you think Donald Trump doesn't know what these players are protesting. Makes me wonder if you even know what they're protesting cause you wouldn't say it either.

  2. The only thing that would be better if there were little fat Idiot Trump dolls the players could kneel on (Marshawn Lynn might piss on one). These players are serious about their silent protests, meaning no disrespect to the flag, the country, or servicemen – no matter how much Orange Boy and you ignorant mothafuckas try to spin it. The NFL still profits, the games are still exciting, and Trump is still an idiot.

  3. They aren't grown ass men. They're stuck in their teenage super star mind sets and have the mental and emotional capacity of children soTrump is talking to them like children. Their whole movement is an antiwhite and antiTrump movement as it picked up momentum once Trump was elected while they raise their black power fists. They do this to cover the overwhelming criminality among blacks in America and not face the atrocities committed daily by their own. They've been delusioned to reality ever since they got their privileged football scholarships in high school. Grown ass men? Pfft 🤦‍♂️Life not going your way? Blame a white conservative male.

  4. Suspend them already and move on. Your free and have enough money to move anywhere in the world. If you don’t like America then peace out. Nobody should be able to protest and still get paid. Y’all ruining the NFL

  5. Make a giant banner protesting police brutality for players to hold, is that a bad idea or lupole that would expose these illiterate Trump supporters who can't get a clue or grip on reality to save their delusional lives while negating a kneeling argument?

  6. Did complex look into what these "grown asks men" did in the off season. Did these men help any community or just blow their money in strip clubs, then complain & protest, like low-information idiot NFL players do.

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