Trump Tower Doorman Claims the President Fathered a Child With Housekeeper

Dino Sajudin was reportedly paid $30,000 by the publisher of The National Enquirer for exclusive rights to a story regarding Trump supposedly having an affair with his housekeeper.

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37 thoughts on “Trump Tower Doorman Claims the President Fathered a Child With Housekeeper

  1. Ha! The National Enquirer…Seems to me at the check out line at the grocery store…Every famous man in the world has a love child and his marriage is on the rocks! Keep reading that shit dumb asses. Hey what about that black kid that looks just like Bill Clinton who claims Bill knocked up his black mom when she was a hooker. What happened to that story?

  2. I don't know if the love child is true but in late April 2016, rumors began to circulate online holding that Republican presidential Donald Trump had either been sued over, or arrested for, raping a teenaged girl. One of the earliest versions of the rumor was published on 2 May 2016 by the Winning Democrats web site, which reported that woman using the name Katie Johnson had named Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in a $100 million lawsuit, accusing them of having solicited sex acts from her at sex parties held at the Manhattan homes of Epstein and Trump back in 1994 (when Johnson was just 13 years old):

    The first major scandal to hit the Trump campaign

  3. bro i hate this guy wtf. first of all it is a lie the doorman was doing it for money, second how can you call yourself a news source then call potus a peice of shit anyway. Frazier is a horrible human being

  4. Sadly I realized a lot of people on YouTube are Trump's fan. Just cuz your New York got to remember that there's those crazies out there that's sadly still can't wake up and smell the coffee. The ones being brainwashed…

  5. Wasn't there an odd error in the Stormy Daniels agreement that used the term "paternity"? Does anyone else think that Michael Cohen copied and pasted the same agreement but forgot to remove that word paternity from a previous agreement? It seemed odd that the Stormy agreement had paternity in it…why? Could it be because previously, Trump had someone else sign a confidentiality agreement to paying off the woman who was having his child? Sounds crazy right? I'm waiting for the other baby shoe to drop.

  6. Who cares damn y’all wanna bitch about every lil thing suck it up we all be fucking the maid if we cld don’t sit there all high and mighty the man not perfect but he getting shit done u can’t have everything u want people grow up

  7. Lol so the proof was a fucking door man sorry for invading you safe spaces but face the reality which is he is the fucking president – get over it libtards – ps complex is so left leaning its left leg may as well be blown off

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