Twitter & Drake Explodes After Toronto Raptors Win 1st NBA Title

OAKLAND, CA – NBA fans were on the edge of their seats as the Golden State Warriors took on the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night (June 13).

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25 thoughts on “Twitter & Drake Explodes After Toronto Raptors Win 1st NBA Title

  1. Drakes nothing but a Bandwagon fan.not a fan of either but I like Kawhi. But let's keep it real here. The beat an injury plagued warriors . Drake jumping around all hype rubbing the coaches back lol gtfoh be a true fan.. dont hop on for the ride

  2. so pathetic.. people want to forget that Raptors were 4-0 at ORACLE this year.. they beat the Warriors easily 3 games in the finals and should have swept the.. they played 8 times this year and Raptors won 6-2.. Guess what KD played 2 of those games they lost. Raptors were clearly the better team and so called experts and Warrior fans need to get over it!

  3. This was inevitable as soon as Klay Thompson went out. I’m only mad at my depressing ass NY Knicks team didn’t even make it to the postseason. Who gonna be favorites to win the title next year with Klay and KD out? Celtics, Rockets, the Bucks, Raptors (again and if Kawhi stay in Toronto).

  4. Even without kd gsw still had 4 all-stars, gtfoh they got beat fair and square, these salty ppl you telling me they need 5 all-stars to win, that mean your actually NOT a good team, they need a justice League to secure a championship, weak

  5. Raptors were leading the series, had one game taken away by a technicality a foul they didnt call on Thompson. So quit being sore losers. Raptors were the better team because they pulled out their wins and WON. no luck. Hard fucking work.

  6. These reactions gave me high blood pressure they so salty. What happened to they're better without KD? So when other teams get injured y'all ain't say shit now it's Raptors got Lucky? FOH.

    Congratulations Raptors well deserved.

    Golden state take this L and have fun nursing your superstars for the next year.

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