Two Thirds of Hollywood’s Female Writers Have Been Sexually Harassed at Work

A recent survey of more than 2,000 Writer’s Guild of America West members confirmed with quantifiable statistics what women in Hollywood have been saying for years now: For a majority of women in the industry, particularly those in male-dominated areas like the writers’ room, sexual harassment is part and parcel with the job.

To be specific, the survey, reported on by Deadline, found that 64 percent of female writers have experienced sexual harassment sometime in their careers. Furthermore, “a significant amount” of that harassment happens in the writers’ room. The survey also found that 11 percent of male writers had experienced sexual harassment, but that the number of writers who have witnesses harassment was even higher.

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49 thoughts on “Two Thirds of Hollywood’s Female Writers Have Been Sexually Harassed at Work

  1. I'm not surprised. This is the film industry. I say over half of the actresses/actors in Hollywood have performed nude/half dressed/sex scenes even when its not necessary for the story to move forward lol. Hollywood is full of pervs. They even sexualize children. That's the film industry though. How you think porn started? Hollywood is filth covered up in glamour. Unfortunately though in order to make it, you gotta pay the price.

    Do I think some of these women are exaggerating or lying? Nah. I do believe however a lot of them knew what was going on the whole time or 'played along' to get the role or to move up in the industry and are now acting like they're just innocent victims and had no part.

  2. Hollywood is a mixed shitbag of hypocrisy and lies. Gotta love these people, one day they are up there supporting woman’s rights, the next day being charged with sexual harassment. No wonder people don’t give a shit about Hollywood, actors, actresses, and award shows. They can’t be taken seriously anymore, it’s over. Time is up, nobody cares.

  3. This me too bullshit is a waste of ppl time it went from actually helping to just another way for pissed off Women to get you in hot water…natasha that a sexy outfit too oh sorry that might be sexually harassment

  4. ONE GIRL TRIED TO TALK TO ME.. RAPE RAPE RAPE oh yeah and crude talk is sexual harassment now so I’ve raped my brothers, my dad, all my friends, yeah good one compLex

  5. …and 7/8 of Hollywood's writers are incompetent; all of Lucas Film Story Group is incompetent. has anyone noticed the river of shit flowing out of Hollywood for a while now? no wonder box office sales have been declining for the last decade.

  6. I really don't think that over half the women have experience sexual assault. Like that's a lot of women. It's not like every guy out there just goes and starts grabbing girls tities and ass. I really think we need to make sure people know what is and isn't sexual assualt

  7. Natasha, youve seen the comment section on your videos, you know they are just going to say you're lying, say you're overreacting, or do mental gymnastics to blame the person who was harrassed, usually wrapped into what they want to do you sexually (and they wont even see it).

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