Ty Dolla Sign Says Beyonce’s On Par With Michael Jackson

Complex chatted with Ty Dolla $ign during his hometown stop of the Don’t Judge Me Tour in Los Angeles. He talked about his birthday plans, who he wants to see at Coachella, and how Beyonce’s live shows are comparable to the legendary Michael Jackson.

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32 thoughts on “Ty Dolla Sign Says Beyonce’s On Par With Michael Jackson

  1. To my humble opinion , Beyonce is a living example of an overrated media act .
    I really don't get the hype !.but i understand .. i mean Ty Dolla Sign needs to work , nothing wrong with that .. if you excluded hypocrisy !.

  2. I can't say who's better because I haven't experienced Michael Jackson. But I will say– I was too young to experience the MJ era, but I'm alive for the Beyonce era. So for me she would be the best performer in my lifetime because I grew up with her. Not trying to sound disrespectful to Michael btw, he's always gonna be the top performer.

  3. “People use Michael Jackson as a measuring stick of an artist’s worth. The problem with that is most folks have no real appreciation for who Michael was beyond an amazing dancer with some cool videos.” – Michael Arceneaux (VH1 News article from 2015)

  4. Beyonce’s PR team are pathetically trying to force this narrative down our throats. Jay-Z said a while ago that Beyonce was the new Michael Jackson, nobody agreed with him and now he has paid his friends to pretend Beyonce is not only the new Michael but better than Michael. Guess what? Her fan base is exclusively western women in their late 20s early 40s. She can pay all the press she wants she won’t change that, she’s the most overrated star of our generation. She’s already almost 37 years old and not once did she had the best album out or the best tour, she’s always outshined by her contemporaries. If she can’t be the best of present days, she’s certainly not the best of all time.

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