Tyrann Mathieu Talks Legion of Boom Legacy; Are Men Ready for Female Coaches? | Out of Bounds

With Gilbert Arenas out for the day, star NFL defensive back Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu joins #OutofBounds to chop up the biggest stories in sports. Tyrann has faced the Seahawks twice a season since the Arizona Cardinals drafted him in 2013, and he reacts to Seattle’s apparent dismantling of its Super Bowl-winning “Legion of Boom” defense. He also shares his thoughts on what the unit’s legacy will be, what he learned from them, and how often NFL rumors are actually truths. Next, with Colorado State considering making Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon the first female head coach in the history of Division I men’s basketball, the OOB team discusses how that might go over with players, Tyrann explains what it was like when the Cardinals hired the NFL’s first female coach, and the guys debate whether Hammon should accept a CSU offer or hold out for an NBA head coaching gig. With Louisiana native Tyrann in the house, talk turns to the streaking New Orleans Pelicans, and whether they can make — and make noise in — the playoffs while relying so heavily on injury-prone superstar Anthony Davis. The former LSU football standout explains basketball’s standing in the region and what would happen if the Pels were to trade The Brow like they did CP3. Then, in “Fair or Foul?” the crew debates the acceptability of the Washington Redskins recognizing 1987 “scab” replacement players with Super Bowl year rings three decades after they helped the team win three games while regulars players were on strike. Let’s just say Tyrann feels some kinda way about it. Closing things out, Tyrann talks about the hardest he’s hit someone in football and the time someone hit him so hard they knocked the snot out of his nose. Plus, he has a special message for Gil on the way out that you don’t want to miss.

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33 thoughts on “Tyrann Mathieu Talks Legion of Boom Legacy; Are Men Ready for Female Coaches? | Out of Bounds

  1. man this guy barely literate .he can only speak in cliches, ie repeat what he s heard. not an original thought has passed his mind. if u cant get gil- get another articulate athlete. as with all things- in life, its not what you say- its how well you say it.

  2. If so called black men allow female coaches in sports before hockey and mlb does, this will prove their is an agenda to feminise the male community. Especially with black males. Women can not lead men, if women could lead men then the black community wouldn’t be so pathetic. If women could lead, the black community would be the strongest community in the world.

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