U-God on ODB Crashing the Grammys Stage, “Wu Tang is for the Children” (Part 4)

Part 5: https://youtu.be/_0MUONzE7d8
Part 3: : https://youtu.be/XGzKA5CiPUc
Part 1: https://youtu.be/hHCndq3KDCE
In this clip, U-God reflects on the classic moment when Ol’ Dirty Bastard crashed the stage at the Grammys, confirming that one of his main motivations was to show off his brand new suit. From there, it’s noted that his iconic “Wu-Tang is for the children” statement was made years prior to Kanye West’s infamous moment at the VMA’s, as ODB’s legacy continues to make an impact on the culture to this day. Elsewhere in the segment, U-God spoke about Wu-Tang turmoil that’s occurred over the years, as he points to how RZA’s early focus on side projects got in the way of the original nine members.


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