UFC Fighter Brian Ortega Breaks Down Fight Scenes In Movies | GQ

From films like ‘Kill Bill’ to ‘John Wick 2’, Hollywood has had some brutal and intense fight scenes. We had #1 UFC Featherweight contender of the world, Brian Ortega, break them down for an expert’s opinion on the film industry’s portrayal of fighting.

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UFC Fighter Brian Ortega Breaks Down Fight Scenes In Movies | GQ


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39 thoughts on “UFC Fighter Brian Ortega Breaks Down Fight Scenes In Movies | GQ

  1. Someone tell this guy to cut that hair! If he thinks it makes him look like Brad Pit, someone told him a huge lie!
    OOh yeah… and his comments about the fights are terrible!

  2. It's true that the film was released in 1978 but the scene was shot in 1972 and ofcourse no later than 1973 when Bruce Lee died… Bruce Lee was ahead of his time, in this film there is Sanda, Thai boxing, Boxing, judo-JJB. In a nutshel, MMA. That's even more impressive!

  3. The “They Live” fight scene with RRP and Keith David is one of the most epic (bad) fight scenes of all time, perhaps only one upped when South Park recreated it between Jimmy and Timmy!

  4. Good video overall but that swordfighting in Troy was awful. These boys have shields and most of the time they're held behind the body rather than being used in conjunction with swinging the swords to protect themselves.

  5. Brian Ortega is a great host for this, but you should not have him talk about sword (or spear) fighting. I do it as a sport and a hobby, have been for a while now. The Troy fight is visually awesome but it's fantasy. You'd never do half of those things in real life. You should get someone like Matt Easton or Dave Rawlings if you want to do hand to hand weapons. They both have fantastic channels here on youtube as well.

  6. Brian ortega: good head movement

    Edmond tarverdyan: I wish ronda rousey had good head movement like that

    Lol sorry anytime I hear head movement now I always picture Edmond screaming “head movement” while ronda rousey is getting smashed

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