‘Ultra 85’ Isn’t Logic’s Last Album: ‘I Was Just F*cking With Everybody’

Logic stopped by Real 92.3 this morning to chop it up with Big Boy, touching on mental health, work-out regiments, and the Netflix series Rapture. The rapper also commented on Ultra 85, an album fans were initially led to presume would be his last. According to the man himself, it was just a troll. “Nah, I was just fucking with everybody,” Logic says.

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27 thoughts on “‘Ultra 85’ Isn’t Logic’s Last Album: ‘I Was Just F*cking With Everybody’

  1. Guys, what he was saying was that it was gonna be the last album in the Incredible True Story universe because the skit at the end of AfricAryan revealed that Everybody takes place in the TITS universe.

  2. Here’s my tin hat theory. I know this might be a stretch but it seems feasible. He said that we was going to be done when he was still married. But he got divorced and now he’s playing it like he was fucking with people. Possible that Jess didn’t like having him work so hard and gone so much and she was whispering in his ear to stop making music? Not in a negative way but just maybe a little manipulative and to focus on starting a family or some shit? I know it seems like a stretch but I’ve seen friends go through that, and the timing makes sense.

  3. No he was going to retire but then after 1800 blew up he realises he can make lots more money and support his future kids better so the money has become more important than the music. Thank you to all you fake fans for literally ruining logic you fuckin cunts

  4. He ment that it was his last album and he really wanted to start acting to get real money just like childish Gambino ..but c'mon now he's finally performing at billbords and mtv awards he's all on the radio finally after his 3rd album he got a taste of real fame world wide and was like naww I'ma keep making music and say I was just kidding …

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