Uma Thurman Shares Details of Alleged Harvey Weinstein Assault, Quentin Tarantino Abuse

Adding to the long and growing list of stars who have leveled accusations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, actress Uma Thurman shared shocking details of her experience with the producer. In a new interview with the New York Times, Uma explains confronting Weinstein and feeling like her former agency Creative Arts Agency was complicit in his behavior.

She grappled with the guilt of not having come forward sooner, feeling as though her words could have protected other young actresses from the same fate. “The complicated feeling I have about Harvey is how bad I feel about all the women that were attacked after I was…I am one of the reasons that a young girl would walk into his room alone, the way I did,” she explained.

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22 thoughts on “Uma Thurman Shares Details of Alleged Harvey Weinstein Assault, Quentin Tarantino Abuse

  1. Shi t i bet Quentin dont.some evil.shit.i n .look into his eyes!! Why u think the metoo movement.started to show that every accress in Hollywood has a.story of.abuse by.power guys. Harvey is just the fall guy

  2. well I never liked tarantino anyway. his movies only show what a sick mind he is. he has the most brutal scenes in his movies about sexual abuse. I was always wondering if he was sexually abused himself or if he secretly fantazises about doing these sick things he is showing in his movies. Probably both.

  3. Proves that she’s just a shitty driver. She’s acting as if he wanted her to do some crazy driving maneuvers… it was just driving down a road and a turn that somehow she managed to fuck up and then blamed it on Quentin.

  4. It's hard to imagine "consensual" sexual congress with either of those greasy pigs unless it's a glory hole … so I guess rape is all that's left to them. That's the real consent they wanting, raping young girls made legal, then they'll move on the 9-10 year olds they're also raping..

  5. I know the allegations made by Uma Thurman was meant to damn Weinstein but considering she said he didn't put his back into it and his own statements on the matter puts a new perspective on the events that night. What seemed to have happened was sexually inappropriate advance made by Weinstein but was it sexual assault considering it wasn't violent? The issue however is his influence in the industry and whether vocally expressed or not played a factor in coercion. Legally for this to be a crime there has to be mens rea or a guilty mind, there needs to be known was there a willful intent to sexually assault her or ignorance on his part on how to conduct himself on such matters. I have no doubt that Uma Thurman felt assaulted and I don't question whether what Weinstein did was inappropriate but where her feeling properly expressed? The problem in such matters is the negotiation of such acts, a kiss, a hug, exposure, etc can be either be accepted or not but such things are rarely discussed before the act and so one party is often left violated by someone whoms intent wasnt harm. This goes deeper in regards to rape and victims expressing a clear no vs he should have known what I was feeling. I dont mean this to blame victims but for everyone to understand that sexual encounters can be a messy issue and that society needs to revalue such exchanges, that men whom have been taught through porn and film the wrong way to engage women and that women with there 50 shades of grey need to stop these mixed messages of what they are willing to accept.

  6. Who's next? Scorsese? Spielberg? Fincher? Nolan? They might as well fire every man in Hollywood and only hire women/transexuals. That's their end goal. Let's see how fucking good the movies are then.

  7. Don't bite the hand that made you. Show some fckn respect, Uma. Quentin made your career, this is not how you return the favor, by attempting to kill his career.

  8. “Quentin Tarantino abuse” bitch he made u drive a car. It’s not his fault that your the .01% of people who don’t know how to drive. Stfu and stop trying to force problems that don’t exist. If you weren’t sure you could drive it then u coulda learned

  9. The only assualt Uma Thurman ever dealt with..was the visual assault of her feet..onto anyone who has ever watched Kill Bill …and was unfortunate enough to sit thru the "wiggle your big toe" scene, without still healing from the mental,emotional, and visual scars it's left on me…the violation I feel to this day from jerking of to such a hot piece of ass…for her to reveal those brick kickers to unsuspecting victims such as myself..and ruin my sexual fantasy of her…with those raptor claws she has the balls to call feet.

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