Urban Necessities Opens NYC Shop, Racks Catches Up With Jaysse Lopez | Get in Line

Racks gets down to familiar SoHo, but this time ends up at a line outside American Eagle Outfitters. What the hell is going on? Well, Jaysse Lopez, Urban Necessities owner and founder, has partnered with AEO to open a new retail experience inside their Broadway flagship store. Is this the future of consignment stores? Lets find out!

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47 thoughts on “Urban Necessities Opens NYC Shop, Racks Catches Up With Jaysse Lopez | Get in Line

  1. First time I’ve ever seen jay is in cjsocools videos when he’d go to his store in Vegas…years later he’s here now. Shit is so beautiful👏🏽

  2. I Met 2J at his store in Vegas last December. A normal day. He was mad humble. Nice convo got to learn a bit about him, and his struggle to success. Keep it up man. Genuinely happy for you.

  3. You can’t hate that long. True. At some point people have to respect people succeeding in their own dreams. It’s not just about what he’s doing for himself, but for what he’s doing for others. Especially the people he’s giving jobs and putting money in their hands and door merch.

  4. BREAKING NEWS: K-Mart teams up with Round 2… you can now trade in all your useless shit for an extremely low ball offer. Our motto is- “And you thought our offers were low as shit before!….”

  5. 100% this is going to continue with other large brands and companies. The demographics of the consumer is evolving and companies need to adjust to stay in the game.

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