Vic Mensa and 6ix9ine Trade Jabs on Social Media

A few months ago, 6ix9ine posted a few videos of him strolling around the streets of Chicago handing out food and money to locals. “We’re in fucking Chicago, you know what I’m saying, we’re going to feed the homeless or whatever,” he said in an Instagram video. “I got 15 burgers here. Giving back to the community, because other Chicago rappers don’t give back.” 

This troll was part of his ongoing beef with Chief Keef, but when asked about it by Real 92.3 LA, Vic Mensa called the move “goofy,” saying 6ix9ine not only disrespected Keef, but the rest of Chicago. “When I saw him pretending to be riding around Chicago like he was on business…it’s like, ‘Yo look up the fucking facts,’” the Chicago native said. “There’s whole Vine videos of every line Tekashi69 bit from Chicago rappers.”

“To come to Chicago, disrespecting the whole city like that because he got a beef with one person from the city, I felt like that was very goofy,” he continued.

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26 thoughts on “Vic Mensa and 6ix9ine Trade Jabs on Social Media

  1. You 69 fans only know about 69 because of world star posting stupid shit about him, if it wouldn’t be for world star no one would know who he is and he would still be living at his grandmas house touching little girls

  2. Vic mensa is a WAYYYY BETTER ARTIST than 69 will ever be bro I feel like dealing with this clown is a waste of time if u dont know who vic mensa is listen to 16 shots bro listen to down on my luck the innanet tape vics album is a great album FUCK 69 & ANYBODY WHO LOVES HIM

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