Video Shows Police Officer Tasing Seated Black Man for Not Following Confusing Instructions

A now-viral Facebook video showing a Lancaster, Pennsylvania police officer using a Taser on a nonviolent black man who was attempting to cooperate with the officers has prompted a city investigation. Lancaster Online identified the man as 27-year-old Sean Williams.

The video shows Williams sitting on the curb as male officer Philip Bernot asks him to put his legs straight out in front of him. Moments afterward, a female officer named Shannon Mazzante tells Williams to cross his legs. As Williams begins to comply, Bernot repeats his order for him to have his legs out straight. Williams remains calm and seated, but Bernot soon tases Williams’s back.

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50 thoughts on “Video Shows Police Officer Tasing Seated Black Man for Not Following Confusing Instructions

  1. What was he doing, cutting grass? Bahahaaa haaa haaa NONE of us escape God's judgement. Get in line and learn how to live with mankind. This earth, nation, state, city, etc. does NOT belong to the white man – however long he fights to make it that way. This is GOD's planet and we have ALL inherited it. All positions of power are granted by God, and much is expected of you. EVERY knee shall bow to JESUS. I hope HE comes back with a taser and lights MF's UP!!!

  2. People need to understand that a small percent of any population is made up of crazy people, including unfortunately cops, but the total population shouldn't be hated for the actions of the few.

  3. Yo at this fucking point I'm fighting back cuz they was trying to meet something fucking with him like that and I refuse to see people trying to get they life back on track get fucked with by the police man and that bull shit ass investigation they be doin take to fucking long to get done so fuck that if u can't fire them on what's in the fucking video then I'm fighting back

  4. This does not show the full story at all. The cop with the taser out told him to stick out his legs after one final time or he’d tase him. After he didn’t put his legs out the officer said alright I’m tasing you. Sure his wasn’t good but you guys didn’t give he full story.

  5. Shit never happens to the motherfuckers. Everytime something like this happens or worse they need to either lose the job or go to jail. Or both. Depends. Its 2018 and this shit still going on. Its only downhill from here.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. Didn't even use the taser properly. Obviously the purpose of the taser wasn't even met. For those who don't understand for a tasers purpose of a taser is to cause full neural muscular incapacitation which means the body would completely lock up. But in order for that to happen the prongs must be more than 4 inches apart when impacting the target and the officer being that close the prongs didn't meet that requirement therefore the taser didn't have much use other then the prongs being lodged into the man.

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