Visiting WORLDS LARGEST BMW Dealership in Abu Dhabi!

This is without any doubt the world’s largest BMW dealership in the world: Abu Dhabi Motors. With over 35,000 square meter showroom, they have nearly over 80+ models on the floor in various colors, specs and tuning parts. You will also find the Rolls Royce dealership, Mini and BMW Motorrad.

This was the best BMW showroom I have ever seen!

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47 thoughts on “Visiting WORLDS LARGEST BMW Dealership in Abu Dhabi!

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  2. The m4 and the roles Royce are the only cars in that dealer ship that appeal to me. BMWs are overrated. 8/10 they date horribly. Mercedes and Audi are a step above.

    BMW don't even have a super car. Just that ugly ass energy efficient i8. I test driven a c63s last week and loved it, but I'm keeping my 2012 c63 for another few years. Last October I test driven an m4 and it looked nice and that's about the height of it. Was really disappointed, and in all honesty it sounded like shit for a £50,000 car. My cousin owns a r32 and it sounds better.

    BMW=no buy

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