Waka Flocka Says Lil Xan is Banned From Hip-Hop Over 2Pac Comments

About three weeks ago, Lil Xan sat down for a lighthearted interview with Revolt where he ranked a list of people, items, and songs from 1-9 based on “clout” for their appropriately-titled “On Clout 9” segment.

In the midst of ranking everything from net neutrality (which got a 1 because “I don’t even know what that is”) to face tats (8, dinged a point because “too many people are getting them”) to Beethoven (9, “he made beautiful music”), the rapper was asked to rate 2Pac. The late icon merited a 2, and Xan called Pac’s music “boring.”

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39 thoughts on “Waka Flocka Says Lil Xan is Banned From Hip-Hop Over 2Pac Comments

  1. The uproar is understandable and valid.  But Pac prophesied all this in his 1995 Prison interview.  https://youtu.be/nhpq0MEcYzg 

    Peep Game……

    This interview shows Conscious Pac. 

    In that interview after describing Hip Hop in the present with laser like precision  (26:3627:09) he says the following:

    "And really you know whatever if somebody else blow up and I fade out that's just how it's supposed to be. That's fate I don't have no problems with that"

    And then later he gives a warning:

    "If you take me out of the game, you won’t want to see the next one. Trust me. Take me out of the game, you won’t wanna see this next dude, ’cause he ain’t gonna have no compassion.”

    Hopefully this will shed a little light on why this man is so highly esteemed and why some are so offended by the lack of respect to his legacy even though he himself knew it was inevitable.  He was/is Hip Hop and so much more.

    Keep ya head up.

  2. Rapper Lil Xan 'Banned From Hip-Hop' After Calling Tupac “Boring Rapper…
    Rising rapper Lil Xan has been 'banned from Hip-Hop' after calling Tupac Shakur's music boring during a new interview. The 21-year-old 'Total Xanarchy' rapper ranked Tupac's music as 2/9 during an interview with Revolt and labelled his music “boring”. Lil Xan always looks sleepy …On my god, this s*** trash

  3. Waka acting like he has the power to ban someone from hip hop when he barely made a mark on it with his one hit wonder ass,tupac is overrated af by the way,i prefer biggie tbh.

  4. So why you were saying is that pac maybe burning in the internal flameBecause let’s get real if you read the Bible in you believe in God he don’t like that fucking fruity ass I’m bigger than him type of shit so you think that park saved your life mean he made you an ignorant fuck

  5. Again, 2PAC will be talked about in a hundred years and no one will remember this lame as rapper lil xan. 2Pac said "fear is stronger than love" because he knew that all these wack rappers fear a rapper with all the elements to be on top. 2pac was ahead of his time and we know this.

  6. It's his opinion. Shot I thought waka shot was boring as hell.unntil I can't rap vol1.bro shit is fire.then wakaveli1.5.and this the only ones I fucks wit.but oms.them shots there better then anything out right now.pac never boring I busted my first gun to pac mldk.alkn 360.

  7. The thing is Tupac made the whole album all eyes on me in 15 days straight outta jail and half these new so called "rappers" take almost a month to make 1 shit song that people go crazy about because they never heard some real music

  8. Don’t be blinded my brothers this is exactly how we lost Rock n Roll. We can’t allow these white men to enter hip hop and try to rewrite history. This is OUR fucking culture, we can’t allow Xan, Post Malone, etc to keep discrediting our legends and our upbringing. We cant keep supporting them and their racist fans.

    Stop Supporting White Rappers If They Don’t Respect The History of Hip Hop And The Legends That Paved The Way

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