Wake Forest Assistant Basketball Coach Arrested for Punching Tourist Who Later Died

Jamill Jones, a 35-year-old Wake Forest basketball coach, was arrested in Queens on Thursday and charged after punching a random tourist from Florida who later died, the New York Post reports.

The tourist, Sabor Szabo, who had come to New York City from Florida for his stepsister’s wedding this past weekend, was outside his brother’s Long Island City hotel and looking for a cab he had called around 1:15 am on Sunday night. He allegedly made a lot of noise and banged up several cars on the street. A nearby resident, now identified as Jones, approached Szabo and punched him in the face. Szabo fell and hit his head on the concrete and died in the hospital on Tuesday.

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46 thoughts on “Wake Forest Assistant Basketball Coach Arrested for Punching Tourist Who Later Died

  1. New York doesn't have a stand your ground law on the books… and he cannot say that this was self-defense the man didn't attack him. You cannot justify using what turned out to be deadly force to prevent damage to personal property. He's toast. Looks like manslaughter to me, shit is sad two lives destroyed.

  2. Complex check out the blatant racism towards white people in your comments. I'd call it trolling but I know y'all don't play that shit when it comes to "your people"

  3. Why is everything about race??? It could've happened to any race it's not a black or white thing dude got knocked and fell on his head there is no right or wrong here. Although the coach should've just ignored it he probably just banged on the window not that deep for him to get out the car and punch dude

  4. If the guy was really damaging cars and being a public disturbance, he could have hurt civilians while he was acting like a maniac. The fact the black guy only hit him once and didn't keep wailing on him after the threat was subdued shows he was most likely protecting himself/ possibly others. The fact he's getting charged with assault is aggravatingly unjustified. No one can confirm this was a race thing, but i could easily see that argument being brought up when you compare this to all the cases of unprovoked police brutality and cases of white men gunning down unarmed minority kids ( specifically cases where the kids don't have a criminal record or history of acting out but were simply in the wrong place wrong time). The fact that this man is getting charged for punching a maniac who was definitely creating a hostile environment and who was likely going to continue damaging more property and threatening others. On the other side, cases who are majority white men are being let off scott free after firing a lethal weapon that is instantly considered an intent to kill if you use it, at children/ adults who were not proven to be engaging in any kind of actiona that would warrant them dying. I'm not discriminative towards anything that is making an effort to do good for the world. Period. But we all gotta spread awareness that all these cases cannot all be coincidentally minorities "not following commands." Know this a stretch from this topic but it does relate in terms of unfair judgement that could possibly be a "race thing."

  5. The black guy did Nothing wrong. He was just simply Standing His Ground. He shouldn't be charged, just like white males aren't charged when they do the exact same thing. Oh! That's right. He's black. He doesn't get the "White Privilege" treatment. Never mind

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