Walmart Shoplifter Crashes Fatally After Fleeing Police

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20-year-old Shane Warren has died in a wreck that happening during an overnight police chase. Police were called to a report of shoplifting at Walmart off the South Loop and Quaker around 2:30 a.m. The suspect’s vehicle, a blue Volkswagen Beetle had been reported stolen the day before. Police say the vehicle was stolen from the Boston Creek Apartments in the 2700 block of 44th Street around noon on Monday. The vehicle refused to stop for the officer and led him on a high-speed chase that, at times, approached 130 miles per hour. Police believe the suspect took the first East 19th Street exit and traveled on the access road for a short distance. As the officer took the second East 19th Street exit, he noticed a cloud of dust and slowed down to a stop.

Prior to the officer exiting the Loop, the suspect had lost control of the vehicle causing it to leave the road and flip multiple times. The suspect was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene. Two other people who had come to the store with Warren, Kristy West and Leon Smith, were arrested on outstanding warrants and booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center. Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens held a news conference to discuss the circumstances of the chase on Tuesday afternoon. Stevens confirms that a supervisor was directing chase efforts and that the investigation is still underway.

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