We Attended XXXTentacion’s Memorial Service

Complex News travels to Sunrise, Florida to attend the public memorial for slain rapper XXXTentacion.

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43 thoughts on “We Attended XXXTentacion’s Memorial Service

  1. Listen XXXTentacion never liked complex when the contest for the look at me animation in that animation shows a picture of a woman on a computer watching a complex video of them admitting they make click bait titles even his manager agrees XXXTentacion lived for 20 years and his manager known him longer then he known tank head 666 but he loves DJ akademiks (ik I spelled that wrong)

  2. NAHHHH FUCK YALLL,,YALL DIDNT HELP HIM WID SHIT WHEN HE WAS ALIVE AND U HAVE THE AUDACITY TO SHOW UP TO HIS FUCKIN- kmt nvm yall aint worth it. Fake love is everywhere bruv. Rest Easy Jah🕊🖤

  3. I disagree with what that one girl saying the past defines us? wtf.. it ONLY defines us if you LET IT. when people DECIDE to CHANGE is what truly defines us. And X was doing just that. Changing for the better. #LLJ

  4. This is how X made an impact on me…I didn’t even know him until I heard a rapper has been shot and then I just checked him out on YouTube and that was it. I had an instant connection to him it was like he had some kind of power over people and now I feel like I’ve known him all my life. No one has ever had that affect he had a gift and I will always follow X 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  5. I'm seeing this video and I still can't believe what the man is saying, like, just a month ago this lil nigga was still alive. I think he didn't knew that his dead was going to be such an important thing for the world, people at my school who didn't knew him at all now hear his music, and say that they already knew him before and that shit pisses me off. My favourite artist, a legend, the only artist of this generation who had his own style, the most talented one, his music was so unique. R.I.P X

  6. AND HOW Old are the killer exactly Older than him! They should’ve given x a chance and not shot him and just robbed him we us fan would not accept that he got robbed but as long as we’re alive WE WOULD Happy that he’s alive

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